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What is the business plan?

Relevant service items and objects involved in this plan:
1)OKAY ENERGY------ manufacturer of Oxy-hydrogen Car Engine Cleaning Machine
2)You------Distributor of Oxy-hydrogen Car Engine Cleaning Machine
3)4S car shop-----especially famous brand car service provider to provide engine maintenance service for car owner
4)Car owner------normally, upscale car brand owner

As a distributor you will get the following benefits:
free training-We don’t just teach you how to use this Carbon cleaning machine but how to sell engine carbon cleaning as a product, the potential market and how to target them and much more. 
Telephone / Email /Online Chat support. We are flexible in our working hours and offer a weekend support.
Promotion – Inquiries from your area forwarded to you from the website.

You could offer this service at your garage, MOT station or offer a mobile service from your van.
Most installers are currently averaging 5 cleaning times a day.If the set retail price for a time is US50. The clean takes 30 minutes in most cases.
This totals to a turnover of USD250 a day!
USD1250 if working 5 days a week.
USD5000 a month.
USD50000 if working 10 months a year. That’s 2 months off work!
And because our machine pretty much has no running costs meaning most of that USD50000 will be profit.

Your not buying just a machine, your buying into a rapidity expanding business with a our team here to help, assist and promote your company as the face of carbon cleaning in your area.


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