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Okay Energy R&D team, which are leaded by the doctor including 3 people of master, 13 people of bachelor degree, is dedicated to the field of new energy and new energy equipment . Our R&D technical team are specialized in the mechanical design,development of new materials,the circuit design,computer internet communication and programming,hydrogen production and storage technology and anti tempering technology etc.

Okay Core Technology

1.High frequency resonant power supply technology for water electrolysis.

The hydrogen production by water electrolysis is one of the most simple, most mature industrial methods to obtain hydrogen gas. the energy consumption of water electrolysis to obtain hydrogen gas limit the popularity of hydrogen.The Okay Energy’s pulse resonance water electrolysis technology of hydrogen gas production reduce the energy consumption of the traditional DC constant current from 5.8KWH/CBM to 3KWH/CBM.The new technology start a new beginning of high efficiency hydrogen production by water electrolysis.

2.Integrated forming electrolysis cell technology

1)The shell of electrolytic cell with large surface area.therefore, it has large radiating area and can basically realize the automatic cooling.

2)The automatic assembling of core components to avoid error.

3)the corrugated pipe structure with the performance of explosion proof.

4)No leakage as the electrolytic cell done by high frequency automatic welding.

3.Microcomputer control technology

The PLC system can collect the digital signals of temperature,pressure,water level, gas output etc and have the function of remote control,automatic protection and automatically cut of of power supply,automatic exhaust,automatic drainage and alarm of images,words,sounds.

4.The operation control panel

The graphical system (GUI, System) to display all of the states and the operations performed by HD TFT screen or touch screen.

                                                          TFT Screen

                                      Touch Screen

5.Machine design and OEM service


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