HHO engine carbon cleaning machine in Mauritius

Okay Energy have succussfully put CCS1000 hho carbon cleaning machine in one of the most experienced and famous car worshop in Mauritius.Once receipt of the machine,many car owners drive their car to try hho technology carbon cleaning service.Here the pho

OH20000 oxyhydrogen generator installation for metal cutting

We provide proffessional technical staff for onsite machine installation.Here the case is about OH20000 oxyhydrogen generator for CNC metal cutting.

Is HHO engine carbon cleaning safety and eco-friendly for auto maintenance?

Okay HHO engine carbon cleaning machine is very safety and eco-friendly clean treatment for auto maintenance.Oxy-hydrogen gas(HHO gas) enter into combustion chamber to burn off buildup and only water vapor out of exhaust system.Actually,Okay Energy HHO e

Auto engine cleaning service in Philippines

Okay Energy have successfully started up the auto engine cleaning service in Philippines.Our customers are very satisfied with the trial machine test.There will be hundreds of sets CCS1000B HHO engine carbon cleaning machine putted in car service centre.

HHO Engine Carbon Clean Cases in USA -Customer feedback

One of USA customer who bought from us CCS1000 hydrogen engine cleaning machine, was happy to tell us the hho engine carbon clean service feedback these two days.He tested three kind of vehicles:2012 VW,2.5L,Passat, 2008 mini cooper,1.6L,S Model and 2006

Hydrogen Generator HHO Kit Case in Turkey - HHO installation on bus

The customer from Turkey who is the first trial installation of the Okay hydrogen generator hho kit on bus,and the whole HHO installation process is very smooth according to our operation manual.Although there is a little episode, the HHO test results ar

Japan customer talking about HHO fuel saver for car,truck

Our Japan customer is very satisfied to tell us the HHO fuel saver testing result for cars and trucks in japan.They bought from us new model CCS1000 hho generator carbon cleaning system some time ago.During one day hho test on truck,the hho fuel saving is

Oxyhydrogen HHO used for diamond segments soldering

Diamond segment is one of the main components of diamond tools in the production process of diamond drilling and concrete cutting.If diamond segment reach the end of service life,Oxyhydrogen hho generator can be used for new diamond segments soldering,whi

Okay Energy Saturday Activities On Farmhouse-HHO manufacturer

HHO manufacturer Okay Energy have a party on farmhouse on last Saturday.We spent a happy and relaxed Saturday.

Using HHO gas for boilers to create enough combustion supporting

Water fuel HHO gas generator series OH3000,OH5500,OH7500,OH10000 and OH20000 are designed for 1-20T boilers.We use HHO gas for industrial oil,gas or coal fired boilers to create enough combustion supporting on burner.The big comparison before and after us

Okay Energy HHO at China Functional Material Fair-CIFM 2016 in Chongqing

Okay Energy attend to CIFM 2016(China Functional Material Fair) on July 26th-28th in Chongqing,China.Over 10 years,Okay Energy have many cooperation with Laboratory, School and University, Government Research Institute etc.The fair's topic is about China

Indian customers 3 Days Visiting Okay Energy

Our Indian agent "Lavoisier Energy" came to Okay Energy,hho generator manufacturer, for 3days visit in July,2016.Lavoisier Energy visited Okay Energy's new factory and learn about the new HHO techn

Hydrogen engine carbon cleaner machine-satisfied feedback from uk,korea

Okay Energy CCS1000 hydrogen engine carbon cleaner machine get many satisfied feedback from Korea,UK,Romania,Bulgaria.The machine is for 220-240V and shaped for van mobile use carbon cleaning service.This is the most excited feedback that some large buyer

HHO welder generator for battery welding -updated battery welding machine

Replacing spot welding machine for batteries soldering,We use hho welder generator for aluminum battery welding. HHO welder for lithium 18650 battery can be an updated battery welding machine,today we will introduce you the machine difference.

Expert van mobile HHO carbon cleaning machine - for auto repair & service

Okay Energy safe,easy and affordable van mobile carbon cleaning machine is popular in auto repair & service garage,especially for 220~240V. Becoming expert HHO carbon cleaning machine is Okay Energy's goal.Customer satisfaction is our pursuit.

Hydrogen oxygen welding machine for lost wax jewelry casting and welding

HHO gas generators for lost wax jewelry casting and jewelry welding we called it hydrogen oxygen welding machine or jewelry max welder.Recently Okay Energy small and portable OH100 or OH200 oxyhydrogen generators are popular for both jewelry casting and w

Automotive repair workshop tools -HHO carbon cleaner machine

Okay Energy specialist in high quality automotive repair workshop tools-hho carbon cleaner machine.We have over 10 years of experience on hydrogen technology research and solutions,service and supplies for car tools and equipment distributors,car garage,a

auto maintenance:Are the fuel injection cleaning service worth it?

fuel injection cleaning services are sometimes beneficial,even necessary auto maintenance.It really depends on the condition of the vehicle.Poor fuel efficiency, decreased horsepower, and performance issues increases—all of which could be helpful by fuel

Korean Customer Visit -HHO gas metal cutting

The Korean customer,accompanied by the translator,visited Okay Energy for HHO gas metal cutting.And learn about the use of oxyhydrogen generators and onsite demonstrate the OH5500 machine for cutting.

Introduction oxyhydrogen welding with oldest oxy-acetylene welding

Introduction the difference between newest welding process oxyhydrogen welding and oxy-acetylene welding. Oxy-acetylene as known as oxy-fuel,is one of oldest welding processes.The main different feature is if there is necessary for gas cylinders.

Why not try safety device oxy-hydrogen for welding and cutting but oxy-fuel?

As welding and cutting operators,you should know the safe welding & cutting with oxy-fuel depending on proper and responsible use of oxy-fuel equipment. However,oxy-hydrogen is not gas storage and produce gas when machine power on.Why do you not try safet

How to add water for hydrogen oxygen gas generator

How to add water for hydrogen oxygen gas generator?What kind of water is added for hydro-oxygen generator?

oxy-hydrogen for aluminum welding-LED lighted channel letter signs making

As a new idea of new billboards display advertising equipment for LED lighted channel letter signs,Okay Energy design and develop the OH100-600 small portable oxy-hydrogen generator for aluminum welding.

Okay Energy hho generator manufacture phase-2 plant starts on May

Okay Energy plan to decorate hho generator plant for 1 year.Once finished,the annual capacity is expected to 2 million units of small,medium and larger types of oxyhydrogen generators,which widely used for cars,factory or manufacturer,boilers,medical and

What unique features of HKC series hho kit hydrogen generator

Why okayenergy HKC series hho car kits can save fuel to 40%? Let us explain that what unique features of HKC100,HKC200 hho kit hydrogen generator for cars.In our hho generator,three necessary parts including water tank,electrolysis cell,and gas filter pro

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