• AC voltage requirement(V): 220V
  • Phase: single phase
  • Power Consumption(KW): 4.5
  • Max gas output(L/h): 1500±10%(adjustable)
  • Max working pressure(kg/cm2): 2
  • Max water consumption(L/h): 0.85

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  • hho carbon cleaner machine
  • fuel system cleaner machine
  • engine decarbonising machine
  • fuel injector cleaning machine
Technical Parameters of  Oxyhydrogen Generator:
 Specification of hho decarbonizer fuel system cleaning machine/fuel system cleaner machine
Model CCS1500(2017 newest version)
AC Voltage 220V
Phase single phase
Power Consumption 4.5KW
Max Gas Output 1500L/h±10%(adjustable)
Max Working Pressure 2kg/cm2
Max Water Consumption 0.85L/h
Water Feed auto
Screen touch
Dimension-L*W*H 660*550*1040mm
Gross Weight 120kgs
Ventilation Space Requirement 400mm in each direction

Product Details:
 Machine Performance
The machine shaped with smart,which is best for van mobile service.This is the most important reason you should choose.
OkayEnergy 2017 newest version CCS1500 Oxy-hydrogen engine carbon cleaner machine,which designed with smart shape both for van mobile and car workshop engine carbon cleaning service,consumes water and electricity to create oxy-hydrogen gas which feeds into the engine for cleaning the carbon buildup and increasing the combustion efficiency of the existing fuel. There is no pollution, no harmful gases or chemical additives to harm you, your engines or the environment.It is operated under normal temperature.The hydrogen carbon cleaning for car engine takes only 15minutes. Connect the output of the CCS1500 to the air intake pipe of diesel,gasoline engine cars.

It is very easy, safe operation.
Here play the video of carbon cleaning system on youtube.

How to start successful engine carbon cleaning service?
Click CCS hydrogen engine decarbonizing machine business.We share you some successful cases

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2.Warranty:1year.(the core part of machine for 1year.the other parts for half of year in addition to human damage.
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  • more about CCS1500
    •  HHO engine carbon cleaner machine(fuel system cleaning machine/fuel system cleaner machine)

      It is named Automatic Car Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine which is used for cleaning carbon buildup in engine. The application of engine carbon deposits removal is also a hho gas hydrogen technology to replace the use of auto engine cleaner.

      Oxy-hydrogen Automotive Fuel System Carbon Cleaning Machine using only pure water.

      It uses only pure water and a little bit electricity to create oxy-hydrogen gas which feeds into to the engine for car washing carbon deposits and increasing the combustion efficiency of the compression chamber.

      Carbon cleaning service will:
      ♦Decrease Fuel Consumption
      ♦Increase Power
      ♦Reduce Exhaust Emissions
      ♦Extend Engine lifetime
      ♦Eliminate Carbon Deposits

      Engine Steam Cleaning More Advantages:
      Eco-friendly There is no pollution, no harmful gases or chemical substances to the human and environment.
      Save money It increase the combustion effciency,so save your money.

      Our difference with other similar cleaning method?
      Comparison HHO carbon cleaner machine
      Other similar cleaning method: 
      agent cleaning machine
      Only water and electricity to produce oxyhydrogen gas, which enter into engine for complete combusting into high 
      temperature water vapor elimination of carbon deposits.
      Mainly cleaned by agent, only little hho gas for leading the agent into the engine.
      wireless voltage detection
      Suitable for both gasoline and diesel car.
      vacuum detection
      Not suitable for diesel car,because 
      diesel engine is nearly no vacuum pressure.
      Control system or not Yes.
      Built-in 32-bit intel CPU automatic and safety computer control to defect machine in any status.
      1.Simple valve control, without any flow meter
      to measure the liquid.
      2. Equivalent weight of fluid into engine for every time carbon cleaning and no automatic reminding the rest amount of liquid.
      Safe and eco-friendly process to prolong engine life,increase horse power and saving fuel. 1.Fluid easy to corrode the engine.
      2.Overmeasure liquid is easy to 
      damage the engine.

  • Advantages 
    •   Why do you use oxyhydrogen fuel system cleaning machine?

      1. High efficiency

      --Using Oxy hydrogen gas cleans away the carbon build-up efficiently,which is a 15mins oxy clean process.The hydrogen technology have visible effect of engine carbon cleaner for diesel or petrol engine after use of cleaning systems.

      --The results are more low RPM power in a smoother running and more efficient engine.

      --Reduce HC discharge (hydrocarbon) 72%, reduce CO 96%.

      After carbon cleaning, the accelerator becomes light, horsepower is increased, fuel oil can be saved immediately by 10% and reach to 20% after running 500km.

      2. Environment Friendly

      carbon clean machine / engine carbon cleaning machine / carbon cleaning equipment / carbon cleaning solution uses water and electricity as material to create oxyhydrogen gas which feeds into to the engine for carbon cleaning. Different from the traditional carbon reducing methods:

      --No medical component, no corrosion to auto parts, no any side effects.

      --Does not generate hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide.

      3. Maximum Safety

      -Steady, reliable fuel delivery.Fuel is available immediately after machine is switched on.No gas cylinder which can rupture or explode.

      --Multiple safety devices, including overheating and in-sufficient water cut-off switches, will automatically turn off power to ensure the safety of end users.

      4. High Mobility

      Our carbon clean machine / car engine cleaning machine / carbon cleaning equipment / carbon cleaning solution come equipped with wheels to facilitate moving the generators to the job, not the other way around.Do not need to remove the engine, operation is quick, stop hidden danger caused by removing engine.

      5. Easy Operation/automatic control

      --Do not need to change engine oil and engine oil filter element.

      -- carbon clean machine / car engine cleaning machine / carbon cleaning equipment / carbon cleaning solution is full automatically process. The machine will remind and stop gas production when carbon cleaning finished.

      --Carbon reduction results can be seen using a micro-camera,before and after the process.

      6. Low Cost & Maximum Economy

      --Save time and money. Oxyhydrogen gas is generated only using electricity and pure water. The cost of electricity and water reduces more than 40%, only need 15-20 mins time.

      --Energy Saving more than 30% compared with traditional carbon reducing methods .
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