• DC Voltage Requirement(V): 12/24
  • Power Consumption(kw/h): 0.7
  • Max Gas Output(L/h): 200
  • Max water consumption(L/h): 0.11
  • Application: for cars,trucks,buses,ships
  • Applied for: diesel,gasoline,LPG engines

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Technical Parameters of  Oxyhydrogen Generator:
  Technical Parameters for car hho generator kits,hho car kits,car hho kits:
Model HKC200
Type industrial type
DC voltage(V) 12/24
Power consumption(kw/h) 0.7
Max gas output(L/h) 200
Max water consumption(L/h) 0.11
Water feed manual
Working time about 10hours after adding water per time
Dimension-L*W*H(mm) 450*250*510
Gross weight(kg) 20

Product Details:
  HKC200 hho generator kits for cars,trucks,ships
HHO generator kits is a kind of hydro fuel saver kits on cars,trucks,ships etc for engine complete conbustion and finally engine power increased,fuel economy rising up and carbon emissions reduced.
In general,the diesel or petrol type of engine with hho gas can save fueling up to 18% and LPG type of engine can fule saving up to 40%.

How does hho kits work on buses,trucks,ships?

In our hho system,the four parts included control system,display module,water tank and filter tank for easy installation.HHO kits's DC power connect with batteries and the filter' gas output connect to engine's air inlet.
When the bueses,trucks' engine running,turn on the power switch then the hho kits also produce hho gas into diesel,gasoline,LPG engines.
We suggest HKC200 hho kits are used for buses,trucks,ships.
Watch hho generator kits installation video on youtube now.

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  • more about HKC200
    •   HHO kits matters attention
      1) When the engine is stop running, you must turn off the power switch
      2) Before running, it can’t start to produce HHO gas.
      3) You can’t add too many water to the water tank, the water level must low than 80% of the tank. 
      4) Before run this system, you must add pure water to 70% level to void lack of water. 
      5) The cell will damage because of lack of water, so you must check water level every 4 hours. and add pure water to keep 70% of water tank. 
      6) Before open the cap of the water tank, you must turn off the switch. 
      7) If you do not drive buses,trucks etc for 7 days, please disconnect the black wire that connects the control system to battery to avoid low-battery.
  • Advantages 
    •   HHO generator kits is used for fuel saving for cars,trucks,buses and ships.It only use some pure water and electric to create hho gas into all kinds of engines for fule economy and lower carbon emissions because of engine conbustion efficiency.

      HHO generator kits for cars,trucks,buese and ships will:
      1.fuel saving; saving;
      3.engine power improved;
      4.lower carbon deposits;
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