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What is the business plan?

Relevant service items and objects involved in this plan:
1)OKAY ENERGY------ manufacturer of Oxy-hydrogen Car Engine Cleaning Machine
2)You------Distributor of Oxy-hydrogen Car Engine Cleaning Machine
3)4S car shop-----especially famous brand car service provider to provide engine maintenance service for car owner
4)Car owner------normally, upscale car brand owner

As a distributor you will get the following benefits:
Free training:We don’t just teach you how to use this Carbon cleaning machine but how to sell engine carbon cleaning as a product, the potential market and how to target them and much more. 
Telephone / Email /Online Chat support:We are flexible in our working hours and offer a weekend support.
1.Inquiries from your area forwarded to you from the website.
2.Advertising Support On Social Media Becoming Okay Energy partner,you will get our professional internet advertising for engine carbon cleaning business.

You could offer this service at your garage, MOT station or offer a mobile service from your van.
Most installers are currently averaging 5 cleaning times a day.If the set retail price for a time is US50. The clean takes 30 minutes in most cases.
This totals to a turnover of USD250 a day!
USD1250 if working 5 days a week.
USD5000 a month.
USD50000 if working 10 months a year. That’s 2 months off work!
And because our machine pretty much has no running costs meaning most of that USD50000 will be profit.

Your not buying just a machine, your buying into a rapidity expanding business with a our team here to help, assist and promote your company as the face of carbon cleaning in your area.


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