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  • The introduction of Okay Energy brand

Founded in 2006,Okay Energy is a professional enterprise which focus on the reseaching,production and sales of oxy-hydrogen generator.We have succeeded the oxy-hydrogen generators as a fuel of water which mainly used in the application of welding,heating,cutting,brazing and engine carbon cleaning & catalytic converter cleaning.Over 10years development,Okay Energy owned 8 core technologies,18 design & invention patents,over 30 products series.All products have passed CE,FCC and test report etc.

  • The introduction of Okay Energy logo

Our logo shaped with four English letters of “Okay”.The word “O” likes oval.The arrow and stars in the middle represent the technology and speed which show that Okay Energy engaged in high technology and pursuit of innovation and fast service.
The pronunciation of Chinese brand name is very similar to “Okay”.”Okay” means “OK,no problem” which on behalf of Okay Energy providing high quality products and service.So our slogan is “Okay Energy make energy Okay”.


Our dream

  • There is no shortage of energy all over the world.

Our mission

  • To restore the green earth, to protect human health, and help those who work hard to achieve.

Our goal

  • To be the first brand of oxy-hydrogen generator in the world.

Our value

1)The customers always rank first. we take all business activities with the center of customers.Our goal is to provide best products and service for customers.

2)The company is second.The company is a public platform for the survival and development of all of employees.The employees should make efforts to create value for the company and protect the interests of the company.

3)The employee is third. The company should provide continuous development platform and benefits for employees and make employees have a sense of happiness and success.

4)Shareholder is fourth.The shareholders should formulate long-term strategy for the development of the company and the employee.The shareholder is the first service provider and the last to get the value.

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