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New upgrade of display panel for CCS1000 engine carbon cleaning machine

Okay Energy upgrade the display panel for CCS1000 engine carbon cleaning machine. The new one is with larger touch screen,which can be more intelligent for operation. It is our first time testing and new arrival of CCS1000 on April.17th. Our technical eng

Warmly Welcome MEI Reporter to Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen For Corporate Interview

Okay Energy oxygen and hydrogen technology have attracted great attention of local government and numerous media.The journalists from focus vision of MEI came to our company for corporate visit and interview on March 14,2019.They have a new understanding

The Quartz Vacuum Sealing Process For Advanced Material Research

Sometimes our after-sales service engineer need to go to the university laboratory for on-site oxyhydrogen generator’s installation and debugging. This helps us some learning about their research environment and related advanced materials.

Wonderful Performance of “Six Entries of Wushu” in Changsha High-tech Zone

On January 19, 2019, the performance of "Six Entries of Wushu" in Changsha High-tech Zone was performed brilliantly. The so-called "Six Entries of Wushu" is to let Wushu enter schools, communities, enterprises, military barracks, towns and organs. Oka

The oxyhydrogen’s intelligent electronic flashback arrestor is new revolution of anti-backfire technology

The new oxyhydrogen's electronic anti-backfire technology can effectively replace the traditional wet type and dry type anti-backfire technology, creating a new revolution in the hydrogen and oxygen industry.

The biggest oxyhydrogen generator OH20000 successfully passed 4*24 hours continuous working test

The Okay Energy's biggest oxyhydrogen generator OH20000 have been successfully passed 4*24 hours continuous working test regarding of machines functional stability.The machine have been run 99 hours. That was to say, our three technical engineer took mor

12th Anniversary of Okay Energy -the two-days tour of Phoenix Ancient Town

After a nervous sales competition in September,Then we have a busy production month in October.Thanks to all the staff’s hard work and great success on Superseptember,Okay Energy decide that the 12th anniversary activity is to relax ourselves, and we hav

Congratulations on Okay Energy awarded as 2018 MEI awards of excellent enterprise

2018 MEI Awards Ceremory is openning on Oct.17th in Guangzhou. It is amazing time that Okay Energy awarded as one of 2018 MEI awards of excellent enterprise.We have a CCS800 HHO engine carbon cleaning machine will be attending the Las Vegas AAPEX Fair.

Okay Energy National Days Notice

Okay Energy are on National Day holidays from 1st-6th.Oct,2018. Our sales department still serve you if you have any inquiries or urgent questions. Also you can messege us on whatsapp +8618932451962

Okay Energy Superseptember- Big sales promotion in Sep.2018

Okay Energy,7th alibaba gold plus supplier and trade assurance supplier, have big sale promotion on Superseptember from 1st Sep. to 30th Sep.2018. If you are looking for hho carbon cleaner machine,oxyhydrogen generators,welcome to inquiry us on lddsny.en.

Congratulations on Okay Energy becoming the member of "China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association"

Congratulations on Okay Energy becoming the member of "China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association" in July,2018. It means we are qualified supplier of oxyhydrogen generators. China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association(CEEIA) is one of top

HHO Carbon Cleaning Test on ISUZU

After extensive testing over the past weeks, our customer are pleased to be able to add HHO Carbon Cleaning to their services.What is HHO Carbon Cleaning?We pump hydrogen and oxygen gas into your engine through the intake (zero chemicals), once

How to strip enamel off magnet copper wire - oxyhydrogen flame welding

How to strip the enamel off magnet wire without damaging the wire? Is there any new technology to weld enamelled magnet copper wire not to strip? Oxyhydrogen flame welding is 100% safe and efficient enamelled copper wire welding machine

How to use oxyhydrogen flame melting fused quartz silica

How to use oxyhydrogen flame melting fused quartz silica? We do 3KW hho demonstration for 10mm diameter quartz glass tube heated under mixture H2 and O2 forming 2800 degrees celsius oxyhydrogen flame, which are equipped both rotating system

Best way to manual ampoule sealer laboratory ampoule sealing machine

The disadvantages of traditional ampoule sealing machine Traditional ampoule sealing machine adopts liquid gas as fuel and air as combustion-supporting gas.After combustion,the substances containing carbon dioxide will impact on the quality of pharmaceuti

Working Principles Of Oxyhydrogen Flame For Quartz Scientific Glass Blowing

Okay Energy provide you three solutions of oxyhydrogen flame for quartz scientific glass blowing or melting borosilcate glass for research, industrial and government laboratories. 1) manual quartz glass sealing 2)semi-automatic glass sealing 3)big size gl

Okay Energy Happy Meeting Ⅱ Successfully Held On May 22

Okay Energy happy meeting Ⅱ was held on May 22.We adopt the new management method "Chinese Integral System Administration" to mobilize staff's enthusiasm with integral points.

HHO carbon cleaning result with Okay oxy hydrogen carbon cleaner machine

After 35 minutes hho carbon cleaning bmw e30 special drift engine b30 petrol,the motor power increased,smoke less,EAT less.This comments from one of auto service workshop providing oxy hydrogen carbon cleaner service & machines in Tunisia. Let us review

90% of customers are happy of CCS1500 - Good HHO Carbon Cleaner Review

90% of customers are happy of CCS1500 hho carbon cleaner machine.It is good engine carbon clean review for Okay Energy.We will continue to make innovations and improvement on 100% high quality products and service.

Congratulations On Okay Energy Relocation In New Plant From March 28

Formally inform you our company has been working on March 28,2018 move to a new plant covers an area of 5,000 sq.m. The size of the company will expand to a few times.The development of the company with your support, and hope we have a pleasant cooperatio

Okay Energy HHO moving to new factory before the end of March,2018

We are moving to new factory,Xinggong International Industrial Park, before the end of March. Some of goods delivery will be delayed these two weeks. Thanks for all of customers understanding and supporting us during this time.

Okay Energy CCS1500 HHO carbon cleaning machine is your best choice

Okay Energy is the only one professional HHO carbon cleaning machine manufacturer for the automotive tools and equipment trade,car garages, mobile mechanics, franchises.

What's the Difference of Oxyhydrogen Copper Brazing and Soldering Machines

Some welding worker often have some technical questions on forums that any experience of oxyhydrogen welding, and the difference of oxy-hydrogen welding and oxyacetylene welding on aluminum,silver,copper,gold and nickel. One of our experienced welder work

Congratulations on Okay Energy "high and new technology enterprise" awarded as hho technology

Okay Energy has been awarded as " high and new technology enterprise",which marks the approval of the relevant hunan state departments in the innovation of hydrogen and oxygen hho technology.

Iraq Customer 100% satisfied with Okay Catalytic Cleaning Machine Service

On the first day of our biggest traditional Chinese lunar New Year, firecrackers rang out and everyone was busy with New Year's visit, while our CEO of Okay Energy, Jack and sales manager were teaching our customer how to use one of our new catalytic con

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