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Visible Catalytic Converter Cleaning Case At Auto Repairs or Car Care Service Shop


Catalytic converter cleaning service as regular car care and maintenance,the cleaning method we often see is chemical cleaning by using catalytic converter cleaning fluid.Do you know the visible catalytic converter cleaning machine? Today i will introduce you visible catalytic converter cleaning case at one of cooperated car care service shop.

Compared with traditional method,The big difference is that we can visibly see the catalytic converter cleaning results on the right display screen by the endoscope.Before cleaning,we can see the clogged catalytic converter on the right display screen.The surface of 3 way catalytic convertert is full of the red oxide.

Then we start to clean catalytic converter to renew it by 2 steps:normal temperature deep cleaning and high temperature steam cleaning with two kinds of clean liquid.After cleaning,we can clearly see the red oxide gradually disappear and the surface of catalytic converter becoming clean.
The whole 3 way catalytic converter cleaning process takes only 20mins.The touch screen display panel make the operation more easy and safety.

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