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HHO welder generator for battery welding -updated battery welding machine


 Replacing spot welding machine for batteries soldering,We use hho welder generator for aluminum battery welding. HHO welder for lithium 18650 battery can be an updated battery welding machine,today we will introduce you the machine difference.
1).clean and small oxyhydrogen flame
The special HHO torch with single needle will produce small and clean HHO flame which good for an accurate welding process.
2).welding precisely
The flame is concentrated and adjustable, it can achieves precise welding requirements.
3).safety and eco-friendly
Water as fuel therefore it is only water vapor after combustion and no harm to the workers and environment.
4).24hours continous working
The gas production on demand and working 24hours.
Usually,Okay Energy's OH100 and OH200 will be idea choice for batteries welding and soldering.

If you buy hho welder generators,we will send free HHO spare parts.

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