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Hydrogen oxygen welding machine for lost wax jewelry casting and welding


There are many jewelry tool and equipments for jewelry making.Have you use or heard of oxyhydrogen generators for jewelry?During the jewelry making,there are two production process of jewelry lost wax casting and jewelry welding which the oxyhydrogen generator can be used for.
HHO gas generators for lost wax jewelry casting and jewelry welding we called it hydrogen oxygen welding machine or jewelry max welder.Recently Okay Energy small and portable OH100 or OH200 oxyhydrogen generators are popular for both lost max jewelry casting and welding.

Features of oxyhydrogen for making jewelry wax casting.
1.clean and small oxyhydrogen flame.
The special HHO torch with single needle will produce small and clean HHO flame which good for an accurate wax investment casting process.
2.casting precisely
The flame is concentrated and adjustable, it can achieves precise wax casting. and eco-friendly
Water as fuel therefore it is only water vapor after combustion and no harm to the workers and environment.


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