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Best way to manual ampoule sealer laboratory ampoule sealing machine


 The disadvantages of traditional ampoule sealing machine adopts liquid gas as fuel and air as combustion-supporting gas.After combustion,the substances containing carbon dioxide will impact on the quality of pharmaceuticals. Okay Energy provide you two sealing ways of oxyhydrogen generator for manual ampoule amber vial sealing in laboratories.

 sealing 1. OH300 oxyhydrogen generator + double flame holder

 sealing 2. OH300 oxyhydrogen generator + single flame holder

When oxyhydrogen gas burns,it only produce some water vapor,which have no harm to medicine in ampoule bottle.
How to seal ampoules by hand?
Put the ampoule gap part in the middel of oxyhydrogen flame.When melting,fastly remove the ampoule clip by the tweezer.
Here the video of manual ampoule sealing with double flame holder on youtube

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