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The 8th Anniversary of Okay Energy---Carbon Cleaning Machine Manufacturer


The 8th Anniversary of Okay Energy---HHO Generator & Carbon Cleaning Machine Manufacturer

On 23th,Oct.,2014, it is the 8th anniversary of Okay Energy. It is a big day for all members in Okay Energy. We have worked as a team during the past 8 years, no matter what we face, we always unite together to solve it. Now we are here to celebrate this big day of Okay Energy.

Our comperes announce the beginning of our celebration.

All members sing the song passionately“Today is your birthday---My Okay”

After the song, our manager Mr. Zhou made a speech, to thank all members in Okay Energy devoted themselves into this company for the past 8 years, and hope we can achieve more successes in the future.

After the speech, we enjoyed a dancing show performed by some members of our company, and then we are coming to the most exciting program “Lucky Draw”. All of us are excited, because there are so many presents, and every one will be a winner.

Then we have a singing competition,the competition is difficult and hard-fought, many competitors sing very well, and it is so difficult for judges to give scores for all competitors.

Our competitors

Now let us see the final winners.

Mr. Zhou awarded the best singers in this competition.

At the end of this celebration, we end our celebration by singing a song together.

We sing the song named “tomorrow will be better”

One dream that bring us together, that is “to bring a new energy to Okay Energy, and to the whole world”.This dream we will fight for it till the end, let us remember this day forever.

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