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oxy-hydrogen for aluminum welding-LED lighted channel letter signs making


 As a new idea of new billboards display advertising equipment for LED lighted channel letter signs,Okay Energy design and develop the OH100-600 small portable oxy-hydrogen generator for aluminum welding.

Billboard display advertising LED channel letter making, acrylic channel Letter etc always become hot now.That is one of reason why indoor and outdoor advertising company should own a kind of gas welding equipment- oxy-hydrogen generator.

What kind of materials will be applied with oxyhydrogen generator for indoor and outdoor advertising company?
1.acrylic sheet,plexiglass -acrylic flame polishing
2.LED channel letter-aluminum profile,aluminum coil’s joints welding

Why does oxy-hydrogen work well for making LED lighted letter signs? & easy operation
2.high working efficiency
4.saving fuel
5.saving money

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