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How to use oxyhydrogen flame melting fused quartz silica


How to use oxyhydrogen flame melting fused quartz silica?

We do 3KW hho demonstration for 10mm diameter quartz glass tube heated under mixture H2 and O2 forming 2800 degrees celsius oxyhydrogen flame, which are equipped both rotating system and vacuum pump.

When machine is power on,we use hydrogen and oxygen flame torch to evenly heat the middle of the quartz glass tube, and gradually soften inside glass tube to form the gourd or fillet shape. At the same time, the glass tube is filled the nitrogen gas to separate it from the air under vacuum pressure.

Someone use oxygen propane torch to vacuum sealing off glass tube. Does it work well? However you would really need a oxygen-hydrogen torch because the melting point is much higher. Oxygen-propane torches can just about soften quartz,but not melt it sufficiently for sealing off.

What is the vacuum level required? What kind of pump?
It depends what sort of vacuum you want to end up with inside the tube. The molten glass is very soft and will start collapsing even under very poor vacuums, say half an atmosphere. Final pressures used could be anything from a few tens of Torr for a gas discharge tube, down to 1E-6 torr, for a thermionic tube.

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