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Working Principles Of Oxyhydrogen Flame For Quartz Scientific Glass Blowing


 Okay Energy provide you three solution of oxyhydrogen flame for quartz scientific glass blowing or melting borosilcate glass for research, industrial and government laboratories. The standard sealing methods include 1) manual quartz glass sealing 2)semi-automatic glass sealing 3)big size glass sealing.The optional device for melting quartz glass include flame holder,tube holder and rotating system.
oxyhydrogen flame for quartz scientific glass blowing

Because the quartz glass tube is different size and thickness,you can choose Okay Energy's different type of hydrogen oxygen flame machine, different nozzles, vacuum pump, the fixed flame holder,and glass tube holder and rotating system.Please fill in the below table. We can help you choose the most economy one.

Outside diameter of quartz    Inner diameter of quartz Vacuum or not Fixed flame torch or not Fixed glass tube or not Other requirements

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