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How to select suitable quartz glass tube filling sealing machine?


 Oxyhydrogen quartz glass tube filling and sealing machine is widely worked by qualified knowledgeable researchers from institute of advanced materials,department of chemistry and materials science from universities.Okay Energy have cooperated hundreds of universities and research institutes worldwide.Let us share you how to select suitable oxyhydrogen quartz glass tube filling sealing machine today.
oxyhydrogen quartz glass tube sealing machine

Please kindly tell us below data :
A)Quartz tube’s outer and inner diameter
B) When sealing the quartz tube, do you like to evacuate it or not?
C Add fused silica quartz glass rod or not
We have 15 different models for your selection such as OH100-OH600, OH800,OH1000,OH2000-OH10000 oxyhydrogen generators.We also supply both mechanical pump and molecular pump.To fix or revolve quartz glass,we have two kind of quartz sealing machines OKQS-01 and OKQS-02.

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