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China University HUST teacher on-site sharing HHO quartz glass tube sealing tips


Serving hundreds of Laboratories,R&D Instruments and Universities,Okay Energy well know the sealing process of quartz glass tubing with oxyhydrogen flame.But we are not skilled quartz sealing operator.It is very necessory to share quartz sealing tips to help our customers easily use our oxyhydrogen generator.

Finally,we are pleasured to invite Huazhong University of Science and Technology's teacher,who studied in Japan before,came to okayenergy HHO workshop this working day and on-site demonstration how to draw and seal quartz glass tube and sharing us some HHO quartz glass tube sealing tips.

The teacher tell us they should add powdered chemicals to vacuum quartz glass tube.How to seal the quartz glass tube?
Firstly,it is preparation work:1.Wear wet gloves to keep hand protection from hot quartz glass tube.2.Wear a protective mask.
Second,you should have a fixed flame support to fix oxyhydrogen torch.

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