Customer Visiting
Ukraine Customers Visit Okay New Factory About hho oxy-hydrogen machine

We are very happy to have the first Ukraine customers visit Okay Energy new factory in April. The visit plan is to learn more about hho oxy-hydrogen machine's applications,hho production process,and on-site machine demonstration on one day.

Welcome Central South University for on-site test OH3000 for quartz glass tube sealing

Warmly welcome Central South University's teacher and students to Okay Energy workshop for on-side test oxy-hydrogen generator OH3000 for quartz glass tube sealing.Quartz tube sealing system is to fix oxyhydrogen torch,quartz glass and revolve quartz. Bu

North Korea Customer Visiting For HHO Metal Cutting

The Korea's Ph.D and president of National Environmental Association Mrs. Kim,with other three Korea friends, came to visit Okay Energy this early June.Accompanied by our boss,we detailed introduce oxy-hydrogen generators working priciple,onsite machine

Palestine Customer Visit -HHO carbon clean machine learning

To learn the HHO carbon clean machine ,the Palestine customer visited Okay Energy,on 20th May,to seek potential opporunities for HHO cooperation.Our technical service manager and business sales manager accompanied the business visiting.

Ukraine Customer's Engine Carbon Cleaning Training

Welcome the Ukraine customer to come to our factory for one day engine carbon cleaning training.Introducing how to use the machine,how to maintenance the engine carbon cleaning machine,and how to marketing the business?

Indian customers 3 Days Visiting Okay Energy

Our Indian agent "Lavoisier Energy" came to Okay Energy,hho generator manufacturer, for 3days visit in July,2016.Lavoisier Energy visited Okay Energy's new factory and learn about the new HHO techn

Korean Customer Visit -HHO gas metal cutting

The Korean customer,accompanied by the translator,visited Okay Energy for HHO gas metal cutting.And learn about the use of oxyhydrogen generators and onsite demonstrate the OH5500 machine for cutting.

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