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The Problems and Solutions About Oxyhydrogen Flame Acrylic Polishing


Oxyhydrogen flame acrylic polishing is one of the common used for acrylic polishing.We can see the rough traces on the surface after cutting a piece of the organic glass(acrylic).Firstly,we need to polish the side with sandpaper.Then we do flame polishing with acrylic polishing machine.

Some problems and Solutions about acrylic flame polishing machine:
1.The flame is yellow.The reason is that the nozzle is very dirty as adding too much filtering medium.
-Pour of the excess filtering medium,and clean the nozzle.With the small needle to poke through the nozzle.

2.the piezometer shows there is gas pressure but no gas out.There are problems of the nozzle or gun.The valve is clogged within alcohol irrigation.
-Replace the nozzle or maintain the gun.And clean off the valve.

3.the machine doesn’t work when the power on.
-the fuse is broken.We should replace it.

4.The gas pressure is low.There is leakage and the current is small.
-Check and find the point of leakage.Then replace the electrolyte.

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