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HHO water hydrogen generator’s oxyhydrogen flame for quartz glass tube sealing


Factory or manufacturers generally use bottled acetylene and oxygen or liquefied gas in the process of the quartz glass tube sealing. And HHO water hydrogen generator’s oxyhydrogen flame gradually replace these two traditional methods. Oxy-hydrogen flame for quartz glass tube sealing has been recognised by more and more people in the industry.As the melting point of quarz glass is high,oxygen acetylene gas bottle is difficult to reach the melting point.

Oxyhydrogen flame temperature is as high as 2800degree.1715 degree melting point of quarz glass can be melt and sealed by oxyhydrogen flame.More,there is no carbon and metal impurities in the quarz glass tube sealing.

Disadvantages of using oxygen acetylene gas bottles:
1.There is black smoke and harmful gas when acetylene combustion.It has a influence on the appearance and performance of the finished quartz products.
2.The using of acetylene and oxygen gases not only result in the increase of production costs, but also indirectly reduce the price advantage of finished products.
3.There is high pressure in oxygen acetylene gas bottles.Safety is not optimistic in case of leakage accident.

Advantages of hho hydrogen generator:
1.Eco-friendly.There is no carbon emissons after burning.
2.Energy saving.HHO hydrogen generator costs only pure water and electric.It can save cost by 30-50%.
3.Safety.It is built-in several safety devices in the machine.The oxyhydrogen gas generate only when machine works.

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