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Green technology pure hydrogen decarbonizing solutions for your engine

Okay energy green technology for your engines is to decarbonize your car engine with pure hydrogen engine decarbonizing machine.Every 1.5-2 million kilometers car running should be treated with hydrogen decarbonising service.Then it will restore your car

Using oxyhydrogen generator no gas cylinder explosion

Okay Energy hho oxyhydrogen generator produce hho gas(hydroxy gas,browns gas) as needed.The generator is not gas storage.Hydrogen gas is no carbon,very lighter than air therefore its safety.After using oxyhydrogen generator to replace of gas bottles,there

automatic/manual ampoule filling sealing machine-pharmaceutical packaging machines manufacturer

Okay Energy's pharmaceutical packaging machines focus on providing automatic,manual ampoule filing sealing machine,quartz glass melting and tubing machine.And we also offering pharma packing solutions for laboratory,school and university,hospitals.

HHO soldering brass instruments for brass instrument repair work

HHO generator can be used for soldering brass instruments.The solder joints is the most common damage occur to a brass instrument during brass instrument repair work.

CORDIS talking about the development of oxy-hydrogen flame for welding,cutting and brazing

Oxy-hydrogen flame combustion can be used as an alternative to oxy-acetylene, for applications which including precision welding, brazing and soldering, cutting, repair and heat treatment.

HHO Hydrogen Gas For Boiler Efficiency and Combustion

HHO gas flame is concentrated.However,the fossil fuel flame is spread and weak.HHO gas temperature is as higher as 2800degree.When burning,we can add HHO hydrogen gas from HHO generator for boiler into the burner to change the shape of flame

The Difference Between Oxyhydrogen Gas Welding And Oxyacetylene Gas Welding

The applications of gas welding are in use in almost all lines of manufacture and repair. Currently,the main two types of gas welding apparatus are oxyhydrogen gas welding and oxyacetylene gas welding.There is main difference of these two type of gas weld

Introducing The Browns Gas Medical Incinerator

The browns gas medical incinerator burns medical waste faster and more efficiently.By adding hho browns gas,it burns at 1900 celcius- at least 20% hotter than other medical incinerators compared with traditional gas.

2015 Global Auto Industry & Auto Aftermarket Trends

Global car sales will pushed by US and China in 2015.And 2015 global automotive aftermarket : China and India markets developing rapidly.

Saving Fuel HHO Hydrogen Generator For Gasoline And Diesel Engines

Hydrogen can help improvement conbustion effeciently of the existing fuel therefore reducing fuel consumption and the amount of pollutants released in the air.HHO hydrogen generator can be applied for gasoline and diesel engines for saving fuel,reducing e

How To Eliminate Or Control Diesel Exhaust?

Diesel exhaust for most diesel engine generators include those in heavy-duty trucks, buses, marine vessels along with “off-road” engines.How can be eliminated or controlled?diesel engine technology improvement,the use of ultra-low-sulphur diesel (ULSD),HH

Does HHO Hydrogen Technology Achieve Better Fuel Economy?

HHO hydrogen technology successfully applies for engine carbon cleaning which also an effective solutions of reducing carbon emissions by sufficient combustion.HHO carbon cleaning service as one of car care maintenance service can keep engine performance

Energy Saving Devices Oxy Hydrogen Boiler For Heating

How do we achieve the best energy saving effect on boiler for heating?Our energy saving devices oxy hydrogen generator mix combustion chamber can achieve it for you.This alternative hydrogen technologies are widely applied for home heating,power lighting

HHO water hydrogen generator’s oxyhydrogen flame for quartz glass tube sealing

HHO water hydrogen generator’s oxyhydrogen flame gradually replace these two traditional methods. Oxy-hydrogen flame for quartz glass tube sealing has been recognised by more and more people in the industry.As the melting point of quarz glass is high,oxyg

Oxyhydrogen Enameled Wires Welding For Motors

Enameled wires welding is the core technology of motor manufacturing.Oxyhydrogen flame by HHO generator is used for the enameled wire or leading-out wires.Compared with oxyacetylene welding which use oxygen or other gas cylinder, HHO Enameled Wires Weldin

Solutions Of Cleaning Catalytic Converter

If you find the catalytic converter is clogged,there are two solutions of cleaning catalytic converter.The first is replacing the 3 way catalytic converter directly.Second is to clean exhaust catalytic converter.

Alternative Energy HHO Oxyhydrogen Generator

Alternative energy HHO can meet the energy demands better than any fossil has a wide application in the industry of welding,cutting,sealing,energy saving etc.With the fast development recent years,Okay Energy have many successful case in the jewe

The Problems and Solutions About Oxyhydrogen Flame Acrylic Polishing

Oxyhydrogen flame polishing is one of the common used for acrylic flame polishing.Today we discuss the problems and solutions about oxyhydrogen flame acrylic polishing machine.

Cleaning Catalytic Converter To Avoid The Catalytic Converter Clogged And Replacing

The catalytic converter is one of the most important purification device in the automobile exhaust system.For use efficiency of the three-way catalytic converter and preventing catalyst from malfunction or clogged,it must be regular cleaning.

Okay Energy HHO Hydrogen For Health Treatment Recognised By Exports

On June 27th,2015 Okay Energy is invited to attend in the 2th Hydrogen And Biomedical Academic Exchange,where held in Beijing,China.Okay Energy hho hydrogen generator for health treatment and care is recognised by exports.

Problems Or Signals Caused By Engine Carbon Deposits

The carbon is produced as result of combustion process.Engine carbon deposits is invisible killer for cars.When you find out the cars problems,it is serious and late as for rising cost of maintenance,the shortage of engine life,useless of the front oxygen

Wide Application of Browns gas

Do you know the application of browns gas generator?we have reseached and produce hho generator for use of welding,acrylic flame polishing and sealing,fuel saver for boiler and carbon clean for engines.

Why we need do carbon deposit removal out of engine

okay energy 8th generation oxyhydrogen engine carbon cleaning technology to do carbon deposit removal out of engine with just pure water and some electricity.Easy safe way of engine carbon cleaning to replace carbon deposit remover or engine cleaner for c

Oxyhydrogen flame widely used in jewelry welding industry

Oxyhydrogen is widely used in jewelry welding industry.For jewelry welding work,the oxyhydrogen flame should be required such features:welding fast,safety,smooth welding spot,easy and convenient operation etc.Now let’s introduce the Okay Energy oxyhydroge

Do You Know Engine Carbon Cleaning Methods

Compared with the traditional carbon cleaning methods, oxyhydrogen carbon cleaning machine takes only 15-20mins ,no pollution, easy operation without changing engine oil and engine oil filter.

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