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Oxyhydrogen flame widely used in jewelry welding industry


Oxyhydrogen is widely used in jewelry welding industry.In early 1990, oxyhydrogen jewelry welding was successfully applied. During jewelry welder processing, oxygen hydrogen flame is small required.The power consumption requirement usually 300W,600W,1000W.Now let’s introduce the Okay Energy oxyhydrogen flame jewelry welding machine.

For jewelry welding work,the oxyhydrogen flame should be required such features:welding fast,safety,smooth welding spot,easy and convenient operation etc.

1.hho oxyhydrogen gas generator are gas production when the hho jewelry welding machine turn on.The gas pressure is generally 0.05Mpa, which is far less than hundreds of times of high pressure cylinders.It is easy and convenient to get the oxyhydrogen gas when you turn on.When the oxyhydrogen gas is enough,the oxyhydrogen hho gas generator can automatically stop gas production.So it is a safety equipment compared with other LPG, propane, acetylene fuel, natural gas or others.

2.The gas flow directioni is from oxyhydrogen generator to oxyhydrogen flame can not reverse gas flow as the hho generator have a non-return valve.
3.The oxygen hydrogen water welding machine has a atmospheric valve.The non-return valve prevents the flame from flowing into the equipment, and the gas pressure is more than 0.3MPa, the pressure valve automatically outward pressure to prevent the explosion occurring.

4.Hydrogen is a non-toxic and tasteless gas,which is no harm to the human.hydrogen is very light, even if the leakage is quickly fled to the outdoor atmosphere, it is not same effect to gasoline.
If one person do jewelry work,we suggest Okay Energy 300W hho welding machine for jewelry welding.If two persons for welding work,we suggest Okay Energy 600W hho jewelry welder.For 3-4persons for welding work,we suggest Okay Energy 1000W hho gas generator.

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