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HHO Engine Carbon Clean Cases in USA -Customer feedback


 One of USA customer who bought from us CCS1000 hydrogen engine cleaning machine, was happy to tell us the hho engine carbon clean service feedback these two days.He tested three vehicles:2012 VW,2.5L,Passat,
                2008 mini cooper,1.6L,S Model
                2006 Nissan,2.5L,Altima.
Feedback 1:After carbon cleaning,everything is normal.
Feedback 2:Before carbon cleaning,the engine light is on.After engine cleaning,misfired problems on engine is solved.And Nini Cooper car owner is happy of the result.

Here is the customer emails about the hho engine carbon cleaning results.

With the stable machine quality and abvious engine carbon clean effect,Okay Energy HHO engine carbon cleaning system were sold to North America(USA,Mexico),European( UK,Romania,Bulgaria),Africa(Nigeria),South East Asian(Indonesia,Korea,Japan,India) etc countries.
If you are in the busines of cars dealship,car care products,auto repair or workshop,It is gold time to develop or distribute the engine carbon cleaning service.Of course,any person who are looking for new business or new products is easy to start up the project as easy running and high cost return.

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