Okay Energy at Automechanika Shanghai Fair 2017

Okay Energy will attend Automechanika shanghai fair in 2017 dated from November 29th to December 2.If you are in the line of car care products or car service equipment,welcome to our booth no.5.1A47

What is Wifi Feature of HHO carbon cleaning machine?

Okay Energy newest HHO carbon cleaning machine features Wifi function through Okaycloud APP system.We can remote diagnose machine states and provide 24hours after-sales service at anytime and anywhere.

How to promote HHO carbon cleaning business?

If you have car garage,auto repairs,car workshops,you just add this service to providing engine decarbonising service for car owners as per engine liters per time.Also,you can develop carbon cleaning as distributor.This business model is renting the carbo

Okay OH5500 HHO hydrogen generator -machine shipping out

Okay Energy OH5500 HHO hydrogen generator machine will be shipped out today.The machine is so large and several staffs are to prepare for package and shipment.

What is Oxyhydrogen flame cutting?

oxygen and hydrogen cutting machine produce oxygen and hydrogen gases.Why does it need oxygen gas bottle? we will explain you more.What is oxyhydrogen flame cutting? and how difference with oxy-acetylene cutting?

Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen at Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair

The 22th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair is being held on the Shanghai New International Expo Center.Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen generators attract many buyers from home and aboard to visit our booth.We are still waiting for you dated from 27-30th,June

What is Okay Energy 7 Core HHO Technology

Okay Energy 7 core HHO technology including anti explosion and anti leakage integrated electrolytic tank,dry and wet combination anti back-fire flash arrestor,PLC control panel technology,IGBT high efficiency power supply,stable pressure device

North Korea Customer Visiting For HHO Metal Cutting

The Korea's Ph.D and president of National Environmental Association Mrs. Kim,with other three Korea friends, came to visit Okay Energy this early June.Accompanied by our boss,we detailed introduce oxy-hydrogen generators working priciple,onsite machine

Okay Energy HHO at China(International) Motor Expo And Forum 2017

Okay Energy HHO manufacturer attended China(International) Motor Expo,the most influential exhibition in the motor industry,dated from 7-9th,June.Our booth attracts many customers in the first show day.

Palestine Customer Visit -HHO carbon clean machine learning

To learn the HHO carbon clean machine ,the Palestine customer visited Okay Energy,on 20th May,to seek potential opporunities for HHO cooperation.Our technical service manager and business sales manager accompanied the business visiting.

How to use oxyhydrogen for copper pipe/tube brazing

Most copper brazing joins is done at temperature from 1100 to 1500 degrees.That is means the great joint strength is required.How to properly use oxyhydrogen flame for copper pipe/tube brazing?

Testing HHO Gas On 10KW Diesel Generator

One of customer talk about the testing result of HHO gas on 10KW diesel generator.How does it work? and how about working performance?

Ukraine Customer's Engine Carbon Cleaning Training

Welcome the Ukraine customer to come to our factory for one day engine carbon cleaning training.Introducing how to use the machine,how to maintenance the engine carbon cleaning machine,and how to marketing the business?

How to safely engine flush in your car

Most engine flushes are solvent-type products, they tend to reduce the lubrication of the oil,and then mechanical damage can occur and engine seals can affected.How to safely engine flush in your car? Which is best way of car engine maintenance and repair

China's Largest Shipbuilding Group CSIC bringing in Okay Oxyhydrogen for cutting

CSIC is China’s leading largest shipbuilding and shiprepair group,which bring in Okay Energy OH10000 oxyhydrogen generator for trial testing of automatic CNC and manual flame cutting.Testing 1:Equipped with 3 flame cutting torch,the whole system is to aut

CCS1000 HHO carbon cleaner machine packing and shipping

10 sets CCS1000 HHO carbon cleaner machines are packing and shipping out soon today.Before shipping,the quality control do the machines test.And the warehouse deparment will make shipping record for cargo tracking.

A garage owner share us engine carbon cleaning issues

A garage owner was very impressed with the results after HHO engine carbon cleaning treatment.So he started up the engine carbon clean franchise for the area and opened the facebook for carbon clean business.With 3month experience,he also share us some en

Difference between HHO carbon cleaner machine with other similar method?

Most people are confused what is HHO carbon cleaning solution and cheated by the fact.As more than 10 years experience of HHO generator manufacturer,we will tell you what big difference between Okay Energy HHO carbon cleaner machine with other similar cle

Oxyhydrogen Flame Sealing Ampoules Methods and Tips

Usually,flame sealing ampoules are done in two ways:tip sealing and pull sealing.Tip sealing are generally used for liquid samples.Pull sealing is used for ampoule containing powder and those that need a wide opening.Pull sealing is a slow process but is

Okay Energy - the 22th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair 2017

Okay Energy fair in 2017:the 22th Beiijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair-Welcome to visit our booth No.E6-908,Time:June 27-30,2017 and Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center,Shanghai,China.

Welcome to Okay Energy for factory tour

If your business trip is too busy to make appointment in advance,we will still arrange for you smoothly.We have prepared machine demonstration OH100 to OH20000 and CCS series machines for welding,cutting,boiler heating,engine carbon cleaning etc.Welcome t

Is it worth adding HHO engine carbon cleaning machine in your diagnotic tools?

A full after market workshop tools and equipment is very useful to develop business.Is it worth adding HHO engine carbon cleaning machine in your diagnotic tools? If you are specialise in creating automotive diagnostic tools solutions for every car repair

Oxy-hydrogen laboratory equipment supplies for quartz tubing

Okay Energy supplies the whole laboratory equipment for quartz tubing.Quartz is widely used in scientific/research/laboraties. As someone pointed out it is nearly pure silica (silicon dioxide) and has a very high melting point about 2000 degree. It is nor

How to safely clean engine bay without water -car care detailing

As car maintenance,you might need to clean your engine bay once or twice a year depending on the driving miles.Most people are worried about getting the various components and systems wet then damaged by water.How to safely clean an engine bay without wat

A full mobile car detailing services should including engine bay cleaning

A stardard full car detailing services package will include paint care,car polishing, cleaning of all carpeting and seating surfaces,interior detailing etc.While many detailing services may not include engine bay cleaning in their standard packages, it is

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