Which car washing equipment you need for mobile car wash business

A mobile car wash business is much simpler to start and can become profitable quickly. The first questions you may wonder is what kind of car washing equipment do i need to buy? yes, it is HHO carbon cleaner machine.The green cleaning equipments will help

Okay Energy starting work after Chinese New Year

2017 is a year of the Rooster.Okay Energy starts to work on Feb 4th and wish you happiness and prosperity!

Happy Chinese New Year 2017

Okay Energy spring Festival holiday is from Jan 21th to Feb 3rd.We wish you happy Chinese New Year of Rooster.

Okay Energy New Year Party -Thanks for 16 past and 17 together

We had the best time of the 2016 year-end and 2017 new year on Jan.16th,2017 to spend with our colleagues and customers.Thanks for all customers business support in 2016 and we are together 2017.Thanks for Okay Energy to help us grow up and prosperity to

Real HHO engine carbon clean reviews

We got customers real HHO engine carbon clean reviews with okay energy CCS800,CCS1000 machines.Most of customer are happy of the result and high quality machines.Most of car owners drive the car for engine carbon treatment in car service center or a mobil

Why the automotive equipment companies choose oxyhydrogen cleaning business?

Why more and more companies dealing with automotive equipment,parts and tools,automotive repair want to expand the oxygen-hydrogen cleaning business or just open an engine carbon cleaning shop? Not long ago,we unexpectedly received a global market report

mobile engine carbon clean machine package and shipment

Okay Energy is also focus on the importance of the mobile engine carbon clean machines' package and shipment to ensure that customers can receive good machines.

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!!- Okay Energy

Wishing you every happiness when Christmas is near, and expressing appreciation for your care and business support during the year.---Okay Energy

HHO engine carbon cleaning machine shipping-Busy Production Season

Okay Energy is hurry up for the production of HHO engine carbon cleaning machine shipped before Christmas day.It is really busy production season.When we are hesitant to think if the business is good or not,others have occupied the new market.

Hydrogen carbon cleaning -Are they worth the money or not?

The theme of "how to remove engine carbon clean" is usually discussed in the forum and blogs.And carbon clean can be removed by three ways:fuel additives,engine flush,and hydrogen carbon cleaning.Hydrogen carbon cleaning is absolutely safe cleaning trea

The Best Ways to Attract Carbon Cleaning Service Business to an Auto Repair Shop

HHO carbon cleaning service in one of car care service business in an auto repair shop.So you need do significant efforts on marketing to maintain a profitable business. Firstly you will continue to utilize your services, and looking constantly for new cu

HHO engine carbon cleaning service in Oman

Okay Energy CCS800 machine have successfully been doing HHO engine carbon cleaning service in Oman.Here video and some pictures is shared by the customer.It is awesome that big carbon cleaning effect with Okay Energy CCS800 HHO carbon cleaner machine.

Okay Energy participate in expaning training -New Hunan Foreign Trade Salesperson

Okay Energy attend the starting conference of New Hunan Foreign Trade Salesperson on Nov.25 and participate in the indoor expaning traning organized by Alibaba.We will challenge ourselves and PK with other companies on the side of sales,alibaba trade assu

Hydrogen engine decarboniser machines ready for shipping

Okay Energy hydrogen engine decarboniser machines are ready for shipping these two days.The Production department are very hurry up and even working night for the next order delivery of CCS series oxyhydrogen engine carbon cleaning machines and OH1000 oxy

HHO engine carbon clean machine shipped out

Recently,Okay Energy CCS1000,CCS1500 hho engine carbon clean machine shipped many sets to Korea,Bulgaria these two days.

OH1000 machine demo displayed Wuhan Laboratory Equipment Exhibition Nov.2016

Okay Energy OH1000 was sold out above 1000 units this year and became one of 2016 best-selling laboratory equipments. Okay Energy OH1000 oxyhydrogen generator machine demo will be displayed the Wuhan Laboratory Equipment Exhibition on Nov.2016.

OH20000 Bown gas cutting hho generators with 8 hho cutting torches

Okay Energy's technician provide on-site guidance OH20000 brown gas cutting machine for demonstration in one of steel plant in Gansu (Province),China.It has achieved a big breakthrough in the oxyhydrogen cutting system with 8-10 hho cutting torches.

How to add KOH liquid for Oxy-hydrogen generator

Does oxy-hydrogen generator consume only pure water? yes.only pure water plus KOH powder becoming KOH liquid(Potassium Hydroxide).Then many users ask how to add KOH liquid and how long time to add it for change.Here we will tell you all about okay energy

HHO engine carbon cleaning machine in Mauritius

Okay Energy have succussfully put CCS1500 hho carbon cleaning machine in one of the most experienced and famous car worshop in Mauritius.Once receipt of the machine,many car owners drive their car to try hho technology carbon cleaning service.Here the pho

OH20000 oxyhydrogen generator installation for metal cutting

We provide proffessional technical staff for onsite machine installation.Here the case is about OH20000 oxyhydrogen generator for CNC metal cutting.

Is HHO engine carbon cleaning safety and eco-friendly for auto maintenance?

Okay HHO engine carbon cleaning machine is very safety and eco-friendly clean treatment for auto maintenance.Oxy-hydrogen gas(HHO gas) enter into combustion chamber to burn off buildup and only water vapor out of exhaust system.Actually,Okay Energy HHO e

Auto engine cleaning service in Philippines

Okay Energy have successfully started up the auto engine cleaning service in Philippines.Our customers are very satisfied with the trial machine test.There will be hundreds of sets CCS1000 HHO engine carbon cleaning machine putted in car service center.

HHO Engine Carbon Clean Cases in USA -Customer feedback

One of USA customer who bought from us CCS1000 hydrogen engine cleaning machine, was happy to tell us the hho engine carbon clean service feedback these two days.He tested three kind of vehicles:2012 VW,2.5L,Passat, 2008 mini cooper,1.6L,S Model and 2006

Hydrogen Generator HHO Kit Case in Turkey - HHO installation on bus

The customer from Turkey who is the first trial installation of the Okay hydrogen generator hho kit on bus,and the whole HHO installation process is very smooth according to our operation manual.Although there is a little episode, the HHO test results ar

Japan customer talking about HHO fuel saver for car,truck

Our Japan customer is very satisfied to tell us the HHO fuel saver testing result for cars and trucks in japan.They bought from us new model CCS1000 hho generator carbon cleaning system some time ago.During one day hho test on truck,the hho fuel saving is

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