Does HHO Hydrogen Technology Achieve Better Fuel Economy?

HHO hydrogen technology successfully applies for engine carbon cleaning which also an effective solutions of reducing carbon emissions by sufficient combustion.HHO carbon cleaning service as one of car care maintenance service can keep engine performance

Energy Saving Devices Oxy Hydrogen Boiler For Heating

How do we achieve the best energy saving effect on boiler for heating?Our energy saving devices oxy hydrogen generator mix combustion chamber can achieve it for you.This alternative hydrogen technologies are widely applied for home heating,power lighting

HHO water hydrogen generator’s oxyhydrogen flame for quartz glass tube sealing

HHO water hydrogen generator’s oxyhydrogen flame gradually replace these two traditional methods. Oxy-hydrogen flame for quartz glass tube sealing has been recognised by more and more people in the industry.As the melting point of quarz glass is high,oxyg

Oxyhydrogen Enameled Wires Welding For Motors

Enameled wires welding is the core technology of motor manufacturing.Oxyhydrogen flame by HHO generator is used for the enameled wire or leading-out wires.Compared with oxyacetylene welding which use oxygen or other gas cylinder, HHO Enameled Wires Weldin

Okay Energy HHO Water Jewellery Welding Machine -Jewellery Tools And Supplies

HHO water jewellery welding machines is widely used in jewelry manufacturers,stores or repairs.Today we mainly introduce you HHO oxy-hydrogen jeweller welding machine in the gold jewelry welding.Okay Energy professionally manufacture and supply HHO water

Solutions Of Cleaning Catalytic Converter

If you find the catalytic converter is clogged,there are two solutions of cleaning catalytic converter.The first is replacing the 3 way catalytic converter directly.Second is to clean exhaust catalytic converter.

Alternative Energy HHO Oxyhydrogen Generator

Alternative energy HHO can meet the energy demands better than any fossil has a wide application in the industry of welding,cutting,sealing,energy saving etc.With the fast development recent years,Okay Energy have many successful case in the jewe

The Problems and Solutions About Oxyhydrogen Flame Acrylic Polishing

Oxyhydrogen flame polishing is one of the common used for acrylic flame polishing.Today we discuss the problems and solutions about oxyhydrogen flame acrylic polishing machine.

Visible Catalytic Converter Cleaning Case At Auto Repairs or Car Care Service Shop

Do you know the visible catalytic converter cleaning machine? we can see the clogged catalytic converter on the right display screen.The surface of three-way catalyst is full of the red oxide.After cleaning,we can clearly see the red oxide gradually disap

The Unique Control Panel Design For Carbon Cleaning Machine

For the past several years,Okay Energy have great creative and innovative machine design in CCS1500 carbon cleaning machine(engine decarbonization machine).Today,let me mainly introduce the unique design on the machines’ control panel.

Oxyhydrogen For Musical Instruments Welding Instead Of Oxygen Acetylene Welding

As per musical instruments welding’s feature,Okay Energy develop the small portable and large industrial oxyhydrogen generator.Oxyhydrogen generator for musical instruments welding instead of oxygen acetylene welding.It featured as convenience,safety,low

Advantages Oxyhydrogen Flame For Glass Ampoule Sealing Compared Traditional Gas Sealing

Okay Energy oxy-hydrogen generator have huge success on glass ampoule bottle sealing.Advantages by Oxy-hydrogen flame for ampoule bottle(glass ampoule bottle sealing machine):safety,high effeciency,clean,convinient.

More Okay Energy Engine Carbon Removing Machine Putted Into 4S Car Shop

When the auto engine carbon removing machine putted into new 4S shop, Okay Energy will send technicians training regularly for the equipment maintenance and operation.This face to face after-sales service by Okay Energy let customers know more about our e

Catalytic Converter Cleaning Machine Became Popular At Auto Repaires/4S Car Shop

Recent years,catalytic converter cleaning machine became more and more popular as regular car care maintenance at auto repaires/4s car shops.We know the importance of cleaning a clogged catalytic converter.

Carbon Cleaning For Motorbikes Or Scooters

Okay Energy CCS200 engine carbon cleaning system for motorbikes or scooters engines 50CC to 500CC to remove carbon deposits. When machine's power on,idle motor engine,it will do carbon cleaning automatically.The unique wireless engine detection technolog

Cleaning Catalytic Converter To Avoid The Catalytic Converter Clogged And Replacing

The catalytic converter is one of the most important purification device in the automobile exhaust system.For use efficiency of the three-way catalytic converter and preventing catalyst from malfunction or clogged,it must be regular cleaning.

Okay Energy HHO Hydrogen For Health Treatment Recognised By Exports

On June 27th,2015 Okay Energy is invited to attend in the 2th Hydrogen And Biomedical Academic Exchange,where held in Beijing,China.Okay Energy hho hydrogen generator for health treatment and care is recognised by exports.

Problems Or Signals Caused By Engine Carbon Deposits

The carbon is produced as result of combustion process.Engine carbon deposits is invisible killer for cars.When you find out the cars problems,it is serious and late as for rising cost of maintenance,the shortage of engine life,useless of the front oxygen

Wide Application of Browns gas

Do you know the application of browns gas generator?we have reseached and produce hho generator for use of welding,acrylic flame polishing and sealing,fuel saver for boiler and carbon clean for engines.

Why we need do carbon deposit removal out of engine

okay energy 8th generation oxyhydrogen engine carbon cleaning technology to do carbon deposit removal out of engine with just pure water and some electricity.Easy safe way of engine carbon cleaning to replace carbon deposit remover or engine cleaner for c

Why HHO Generator For Boiler Is Fuel Saver

Fuel saver hho generator for boiler can combust enough with advantages of low cost,high quality flaming,environment 100%.Okay Energy design and supply OH5500,OH7500,OH10000 hho generator for boiler.Very easy and safety operation.

SOH100 hho Oxy-hydrogen Welding Machine,Big Promotion Now

Okay Energy SOH100 hho oxy-hydrogen welding machine big big factory promotion now.Don't miss it.

Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

we will have three days on holiday to celebrate Chinese Dragon Boat Festival from June 20 to June22.Okay Energy wish you Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Oxyhydrogen flame widely used in jewelry welding industry

Oxyhydrogen is widely used in jewelry welding industry.For jewelry welding work,the oxyhydrogen flame should be required such features:welding fast,safety,smooth welding spot,easy and convenient operation etc.Now let’s introduce the Okay Energy oxyhydroge

Do You Know Engine Carbon Cleaning Methods

Compared with the traditional carbon cleaning methods, oxyhydrogen carbon cleaning machine takes only 15-20mins ,no pollution, easy operation without changing engine oil and engine oil filter.

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