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Catalytic Converter Cleaning
What does a catalytic converter do?
The catalytic converter is one of the most important purification device in the automobile exhaust is also called three-way catalyst as for converting the vehicle exhaust emissions Co, HC, NOx and other harmful gases into harmless CO2, H2O and N2 through the function of oxidation and reduction.
What will happen to catalytic converter clogged?
Three catalytic converter clogged not only lead to the vehicle fuel consumption increasing, engine power down, exhaust emissions rising but also the exhaust pipe burning red.More seriously,it will cause the spontaneous combustion of vehicle.
How to clean out catalytic converter?
visible catalytic converter carbon cleaning machine is used with the special cleaning liquid to restore the three-way catalyst by 2steps normal temperature deep cleaning and high temperature steam cleaning.
By inserting a special cleaning tube with endoscope through the front oxygen sensor nozzle of the exhaust pipe.First, you need to cool down the exhaust pipe, and then spray cleared lotion, and clean the dirty place that you see from the endoscope. After doing this, the carbon deposit on the surface of the three-way catalyst soften into particles, which can be sucked by the special vacuum cleaner through the exhaust pipe.After cleaning, you need to insert high-temperature steam pipe to further clean and restore the three-way catalyst.

Compared with traditional catalytic converter cleaning solutions,Okay Energy visible catalytic converter cleaning machine featured:
1.Cleaning time 20-30mins.Cleaning operation is easy and safety without replacing catalytic converter.
2.Visible cleaning effect can be seen on LCD screen when cleaning process.
3.Eco-friendly.It only produce harmless gases, no pollution to the human and environment.
We suggest you should do catalytic converter cleaning every 15,000-20,000km or once a year.