Polishing And Sealing
Polishing and Sealing

Polishing and sealing (1) Acrylic polishing (2) Glass tube sealing, quartz glass tube sealing (3) Ampoule bottles sealing (4) Water injection drawing sealing

Acrylic Flame Polishing

HHO gas acrylic flame polishing machine is suitable for all kinds of acrylic (plexiglass) cutting and carving crafts’ fast bright polishing of thick,thin and irregular shape of the curved edge, edge angle, sunken face. It can also solve something work like making crystal word in advertising industry that ordinary polishing machine can not do.

Oxyhydrogen For Ampoule Melting Sealing

Okay Energy’s ampoule melting sealing machine is adopt to oxygen and hydrogen gas(brown's gas). We developed and designed the portable OH models manual hand ampoule sealer for school and laboratory.We also have successful cases on large industrial oxyhydrogen generator applied for pharmaceutical machinery ampoule filling and sealing machine on the demand of growing pharmaceutical industry.

Oxy-hydrogen for automatic ampoule filling and sealing

During the ampoules making and manufacture process,traditional fuel consumption is coal gas or LPG gas.Okay Energy provide you oxy-hydrogen for automatic ampoule filling and sealing fuel saving solutions.Our OH series large industrial OH1000,OH1500,OH2000,OH3000 etc consume some water and electric producing oxy-hydrogen gas as fuel supporting.

Oxyhydrogen for quartz glass tube melting and sealing

The whole set for quartz glass tube melting and sealing include:1)hho generator,2)vacuum machine,3)tube sealing machine.The mix oxy-hydrogen gas is generated from water by hho generator to form 2800 degree flame.

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