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Oxy-hydrogen for automatic ampoule filling and sealing
During the ampoules making and manufacture process,traditional fuel consumption is coal gas or LPG gas.Okay Energy provide you oxy-hydrogen for automatic ampoule filling and sealing fuel saving solutions.Okay Energy OH small portable OH200,OH300 is suitable laboratory/school manual ampoule sealing.And Our OH series large industrial OH1000,OH1500,OH2000,OH3000 etc consume some water and electric producing oxy-hydrogen gas as fuel supporting.
Oxy-hydrogen generator features for ampoule filling and sealing:
1. Safety
Oxy-hydrogen Flame Ampoules Sealing Machine just uses water and electricity, no gas bottle, no hydrogen gas storage, no leakage and explosive danger.
2. Convenience
it can work just with water and electricity, every litre water can be used 7~8 hours. But Liquid gas bottle need to be changed by manual moving, it is very inconvenient.
3. Cleanliness
Oxy-hydrogen combustion just produces little water vapour, there is no harm to the pharmaceuticals. But Liquid gas combustion produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen compounds which will impact on the quality of pharmaceuticals.
4. High Efficiency
The speed of Oxy-hydrogen Flame sealing method is higher than Liquid gas's.
5.Fuel saving
Oxyhydrogen's working medium is only some water and electric.the cost is low.
Oxy-hydrogen technical data:
Model Number OH1000 OH1500
AC Voltage Requirement (V) 220/110 380
Phase single phase three phase
Type automatic automatic
Rated Power(kw/h) 3.0 4.5
Max. Gas Output(L/h) 1000 1500
Max. Working Pressure (kg/cm2) 2 2
Max. Water Consumption (L/h) 0.55 0.9
Water Feed automatic automatic
Max. Flame Modifier Consumption (L/h) 0.56 0.1
Dimensions - L*W*H (mm) 595*505*670 1070*670*1000
Gross Weight (kg) 80 210
Ventilation Space Requirement (mm) 200 in each direction 200 in each direction  
Suitable Ampoule Bottle 1~10ml,1~5ml is the best 1~10ml,1~5ml is the best


Automatic ampoule filling and sealing machine specifcations
Model OKABFKJ2/1-2
Available Heads single head/double head
Production Capacity(Pieces /Hour)


Power Consumption(KW/H)


Ampoules 5-10ml;20ml
Fuel Consumption(m3/h)


Coal gas 3-3.5m3/H; LPG 1.5-2m3/H;Oxy-hydrogen gas 1-1.5m3/H combustion-supporting gas:Oxygen


AC Voltage(V)


110/220V 50-60 Hz


Photo Chemical & pharmaceutical machinery automatic ampoule filling and sealing machine
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