Polishing And Sealing

Oxyhydrogen for quartz glass tube melting and sealing


 The hydrogen and oxygen gas bottles are usually used for quartz glass tube melting and sealing. This is the tradition way for quartz melting with the risk of explosion.To meet the needs of safety,working efficiency,Okay Energy develop the hho generator for quartz glass melting and sealing.

What is oxyhydrogen for quartz glass melting?
The whole set for quartz glass tube melting and sealing include:1)hho generator,2)vacuum machine,3)tube sealing machine.The mix oxy-hydrogen gas is generated from water by hho generator to form 2800 degree flame.

           OH1000 hho generator + vacuum machine + tube sealing machine

HHO generator for quartz glass sealing include:main machine,flashback arrestor,and hho torch.

How to do quartz glass tube sealing?

Let's see the sealing effects

Features and advanges saving.HHO generator's working medium is only some pure water/soft water and electric.
2.high heating temperature.The oxyhydrogen flame is as high as 2800 degree. combustion,it is only water vapor.There are no hazardous gases. is no gas storage.
5.working efficiency.the sealing work  is up to 70%.



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