HHO generator for boiler,waster incinerator,diesel generators-fuel saving as combustion-support,can be alternative gas generator to replace of fossil fuels PLG,natural gas,gasoline,coal etc.It is achieved sufficient combustion and lower carbon emissions.

HHO fuel saver hho generator for car

Only equipped with voltage transformer,Okay Energy hho generator for car,taxi,trucks,buses and ship can meet the requirement of fuel saving and carbon emissions reduction.

HHO Hydrogen Generator for Boilers

HHO Hydrogen Generator for boilers consumes water and electricity, electrolyze water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, we can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing LPG, Propane, Acetylene fuel or natural gas or other oil.

Browns Gas For Waste Incinerator

The browns gas for waste incinerator burns waste faster and more efficiently by adding mixtured hho gas,it burns at 1900 degree- at least 20% hotter than other waste incinerators compared with traditional gas.

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