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Browns Gas For Waste Incinerator
The browns gas for waste incinerator burns waste faster and more efficiently by adding mixtured hho gas,it burns at 1900 degree- at least 20% hotter than other waste incinerators compared with traditional gas.
Introduction of Incinerator
Incineration is a method of waste destruction in a furnace by controlled burning at high temperatures. Incineration removes water from hazardous sludge, reduces its mass and/or volume, and converts it to a non-burnable ash that can be safely disposed of on land, in some waters, or in underground pits.
The completeness of combustion in incinerators is determined by the 3T’s (temperature, time and turbulence) as well as the ABC rule.
Features of Oxyhydrogen(browns gas)
1)Non-polluting.Brown gas does not cause environmentent pollution because it is water vapor after combustion.
2)Perfect combustion.Brown gas is mixtured gases by the rate of hydrogen2 : oxygen1.Therefore,it contains the necessary amount of oxygen for perfect combustion.
4)thermonuclear reaction.
Application of browns gas in incineration plant
Municipal solid waste incinerator(MSWI) fly ash can be vitrified at 1450degree using brown's gas.Vetrification of pelletized fly ash results in a decrease of the leaching of toxic heavy metals.The brown gas along with the combustion of solid wastes is favorable for waste management and energy production.
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