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Oxyhydrogen For Ampoule Melting Sealing
Okay Energy Oxyhydrogen Flame Ampoule Sealing machine:
Traditional ampoule sealing machine is adopt to other coal gas or liquid petroleum gas.Okay Energy’s ampoule melting sealing machine is adopt to oxygen and hydrogen gas(brown's gas).
oxyhydrogen flame ampoule sealer machine
We developed and designed the portable OH models manual hand ampoule sealer.It's perfect machine fitting for school,laboratory and pharmaceutical factory produce the ampoule by hand.
School/Laboratory Ampoule Melting Sealing Machine -Manual Ampoule Sealer
1) OH200:Suitable for 1~10ml ampoules, and 1~5ml is the best.
2) OH300:Suitable for 1~20ml Ampoules.
3) OH400 oxyhydrogen generator is matched with rotary ampoule sealing device or 18holes ratory ampoule sealing device to free your hands.
 oxyhydrogen ampoule sealing method
Okay Energy also have successful cases on large industrial oxyhydrogen generator applied for pharmaceutical machinery ampoule filling and sealing machine on the demand of growing pharmaceutical industry. As we know,automatic ampoule filling & sealing machine is uses for the filling & sealing of glass ampoules.During the process of filling and sealing ampoules,HHO generator can provide safe,concentrated, and clean oxyhydrogen flame.

Comparison between Oxyhydrogen Flame Ampoule Sealing Machine and Traditional Liquid Gas Ampoule Sealing Machine
Oxyhydrogen flame ampoule sealing machine have the following advantages:
1) Safety: Oxyhydrogen Flame Ampoule Sealing Machine just uses water and electricity, no gas cylinders, no leakage and explosion.
2)Convenience: The working medium is just with pure water and electricity.Some little water can be used for 7~8 hours. But liquid gas bottle needs to be moved by man to change it, so it is very inconvenient.
3) Cleanliness: Oxyhydrogen combustion just produces little water vapour, so there is no harm to you and the environment. But liquid gas combustion produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen compounds which will impact on the quality of pharmaceuticals.
4) High Efficiency: The speed of Oxyhydrogen Flame ampoule sealing method is higher than Liquid gas’s.

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