HHO gas acrylic flame polishing machine
Acrylic Flame Polishing
HHO gas acrylic flame polishing machine is suitable for all kinds of acrylic (plexiglass) cutting and carving crafts’ fast bright polishing of thick,thin and irregular shape of the curved edge, edge angle, sunken face. It can also solve something work like making crystal word in advertising industry that ordinary polishing machine can not do.
How to do polishing acrylic?
Polishing acrylic:
1.According to the thick or thin edge,choose the nozzle type and fire it with the lighter.
2.The flame tilt 45 degrees toward the edge.Keep a proper distance to scan it evenly.
According to the practical experience, you should adjust the flame’s scanning distance, speed, or change the nozzle.After a few rounds, you can skillfully operate the machine.
Some problems and Solutions about flame acrylic polishing.
1.The flame is yellow.The reason is that the nozzle is very dirty as adding too much filtering medium.
-Pour of the excess filtering medium,and clean the nozzle.With the small needle to poke through the nozzle.
2.the piezometer shows gas pressure but there is no gas output.There are problems of the nozzle or gun.The valve is clogged within alcohol irrigation.
-Replace the nozzle or maintain the gun.And clean off the valve.
3.the machine doesn’t work when power on.
-the fuse is broken and should replace it.
4.The gas pressure is low.There is leakage and the current is small.
-Check and find the point of leakage.Then replace the electrolyte.
5.the acrylic is not light with bubble.
-The acrylic material is not clean.You should clean it.
Okay Energy HHO gas acrylic polishing machine models for ref:


OH200 OH300
AC voltage and Power 220/100V
Dimension(mm) 390*250*510 450*250*510 590*250*510
Gas output(adjustable) 100L/h 200L/h 300L/h
Users Store users(or small factory) Manufacturer,high efficiency required Manufacturer,high efficiency required
Notes and Attention
Electrolyte:For the first time, it is necessary to add the electrolyte and replace it when the machine doesn’t work.
Water:Distilled water,pure water, cold water, mineral water
Additives:In order to achieve the best use result,please add a small amount of alcohol or other additives to adjust.
Flame:light blue flame.Add additives,it is become blue or green.Adjust flame power and temperature with gun or nozzle.
Working pressure:The machine produce gases when power on.When the pressure is close to 0.10Mpa,the machine automatically doesn’t work.After the pressure drops,it starts to produce gas.
Meter display:DC current meter shows the internal power supply’s output DC current.
Safety device:The protection design include flash arrester,non-return valve, pressure valve, pressure control switch.
Working condition:0~45 degree.good ventilation or air conditioning environment; the machine is best placed on the work table.

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