polishing machine,ampoule sealer machine,acrylic polishing machine
Polishing and Sealing
Polishing and sealing
(1) Acrylic polishing--polishing machine or acrylic polishing machine
(2) Glass tube sealing, quartz glass tube sealing--glass ampoule sealing machine
(3) Ampoule bottles sealing--ampoule sealer machine
(4) Water injection drawing sealing
(5) Mould repair, quenching, crucible heating melting metal
(6) Solar wafer processing, IC packaging.

Application and videos Pictures show
organic glass flame polishing
ampoule bottles sealing  
quartz glass tube sealing   
Water injection drawing sealing  
others mould repair, denture welding, quench, crucible heating melting metal, solar wafer processing, IC packaging, welding of laboratory teaching and etc.
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