Congratulations on Okay Energy "high and new technology enterprise" awarded as hho technology
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Congratulations on Okay Energy "high and new technology enterprise" awarded as hho technology
Okay Energy has been awarded as " high and new technology enterprise",which marks the approval of the relevant hunan state departments in the innovation of hydrogen and oxygen hho technology.

Science technology and innovation are the fundamental driving force for the development of enterprise. The identification of high and new technology enterprises includes intellectual property, scientific and technological achievements, R & D strength and enterprise growth. This certification has been certify that Okay Energy is not only highly applied in the field of hydrogen and oxygen energy, but also has strong capability of new energy innovation technology and research & development technology.

Okay Energy,established in 2006 and located in Hunan,Changsha, is the birthplace of water fuel oxyhydrogen generators.We have 11 years development of oxyhydrogen generators under the CEO Jack Zhou.
1.Okay Energy founded on Oct 23th,2006 (2006)
2.10 design & invention Patents of oxyhyrogen generator (2008)
3.The first manufacturer of HHO carbon cleaning machine in China (2009)
4.Wireless engine detection technology(2011)
5.Integrated forming electrolysis cell technology (2012)
6.PLC micro-computer control system (2013)
7.HD TFT screen (2014)
8.Touch screen(2015)
9.The first Chinese manufacturer produce 20000L/H HHO gas. (2015)
10.Mobile service machine for carbon cleaning (2016)
11.Wifi monitoring solution:touch screen and mobile phone synchronization (2017)
12.Owing 18 design & invention patents,7 core hho technology,over 30 series products now.
13.Okay Energy 2nd hho plant will put in production in 2018. 
Okay Energy main products:hho carbon cleaning machine,oxyhydrogen generator for welding and brazing,hho metal cutting,ampoule sealing,acrylic flame polishing,jewelry welding, boiler heating etc.We have hot sale CCS1500 hho carbon cleaner machine ,OH100 acrylic polishing machine and jewelry welding machine,OH300 ampoule sealing machine,OH1000 quartz glass tube filling and sealing machine,OH5500,OH10000,OH20000 hho for boiler heating.