What's the Difference of Oxyhydrogen Copper Brazing and Soldering Machines
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What's the Difference of Oxyhydrogen Copper Brazing and Soldering Machines
Some welding worker often have some technical questions on forums that any experience of oxyhydrogen welding, and the difference of oxy-hydrogen welding and oxyacetylene welding on aluminum,silver,copper,gold and nickel. One of our experienced welder worker share his oxyhydrogen welding experience and opinion on the difference of oxyhydrogen brazing and soldering machine for copper.

Okay Energy:What kind of welding do you think is more better for your work? Hydrogen oxygen welding? Oxyacetylene welding?

Welding Worker:I think the welding method of oxyhydrogen welding and oxyacetylene is almost the same in some way.Brazing joins two metals by heating and melting a filler (alloy) that bonds to the two pieces of metal and joins them.For the welding fast and welding quality,it is similar.Oxyhydrogen welding is not requied gas bottoles, so it is lower cost and safety than oxyacetylene.

Okay Energy:As we know,you are used to axyacetylene welding before.Why do you want to try oxyhydrogen brazing on metal parts?
Welding Worker:I have worked in electric motor production factory for several years.I used to doing oxyacetylene welding. But the fire department has strictly investigated the production safety problems in recent two years. We are on aware of them every day.
On the other hand,we know that our competitors are using hydrogen and oxygen welding to improve the welding technology to improve the motors production efficiency.

Okay Energy:Why do your factory choose okay energy's oxyhydrogen brazing and soldering machine?
Welding worker:At first I rejected to use new kind of machine for my work as i was used to oxyacetylene welding.Under the persuasion of the technical engineer, I tried to use the hho machine for some time.I found that the machine can work 8-9 hours a day and no damage to the eye.I've been skillful in using this machine within 10 days.The most important factor that our factory choose Okay Energy's machine because productivity has risen greatly.