90% of customers are happy of CCS1500 - Good HHO Carbon Cleaner Review
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90% of customers are happy of CCS1500 - Good HHO Carbon Cleaner Review
Our Okay Energy partner from Romania just start engine carbon cleaning service in 2 days,and it cleans 16 cars. What's more,90% of customers are happy of CCS1500 hho carbon cleaner machine.It is good engine carbon clean review for us. 
Recently we received malicious and fictional comparison among our machine with other competitors' they use crazy saying to cheat you.Actually,we supply the same hho cleaning method and some raw materials is the same.

Okay Energy HHO carbon cleaner machine have done much improvement and upgrading.
After substantive survey and customer feedback,most of them like smaller shape to run carbon cleaning business. They want to see visible carbon cleaning effect on the side of engine power,engine noise and prolong engine life.
Okay Energy invented HHO gas plus carbon cleaner technology from 2014, and we did some upgrading from the oldest version MCS2000 to newest CCS1500 at the following years.
What are the improvement and upgrading we do on the machine’s performance,technology and materials etc?
Update 1 Machine Appearance

The CCS1500 hho carbon cleaner machine adopt the MCS2000’s smaller shape with 220 voltage. So it is easy to do mobile carbon cleaning service.

Update 2 Safety Treatment And Engine Detection Method
We update CCS1500 machine’s cleaning method from pure oxyhydrogen cleaning treatment to hho gas plus carbon cleaner liquid technology which can enhance cleaning effect,protect and extend engine components life. Secondly, we use the most safety engine detection method. The wireless voltage detector can detect the car engine running statues through reading the battery voltage. It is the most safest way to protect your car.

Update 3 Intelligent Online Support
The wifi version of touch screen can control the machine by your own mobile or computer. We provide you online technical support by operating your machine through WIFI.

Update 4 Owing Core Technology And Self-produced Materials
We own 7 core technology and self-produce power supply, electrolyzer cell, anti-backfire system and others more than 10 safety systems.
It is greatful to hear more real voice so we can continue to make innovations and improvement on 100% high quality products and service.
To help any of okay energy partners catch more business,Okay Energy marketing team will give free advertising service on social media.You just share us any video,pictures about engine carbon cleaning service,your facebook homepage etc.If you are interested in the service,welcome to message and email us.