How does work HHO fuel saver for car
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How does work HHO fuel saver for car
  How does hho achieve fuel saving for car?There are five parts necessary included control system,display module,HHO tank,filter tank,and car battery.Today we will introduce and tell you how to connect with car battery.

1.How to install/connect the control system to the car battery?
The control system's red wire connect to battery(+) and the black wire connect to battery(-).

2.Connect the control system to the display module.

3.Connect the control system to hho water tank and cell.

4.The gas pipe connect the cell to the filter.

5.Connect the filter to the air inlet of car.

6.Add KOH liquid.When you first use this system, you must add concentration of 20% KOH liquid. When you add KOH liquid, you must see the water line of the water tank.When the water line show that the liquid arrive at the red position, you must stop.

7.System setting.Firstly,start the car and then open the display module's power switch for setting the voltage for produing or stopping HHO gas.



There are some matter should be attention:
1) When the car engine is stop running, you must turn off the main power switch
2) Before the car running, you can’t start produce HHO gas.
3) You can’t add too many water to the water tank, the water level must low than 80% height of the tank.
4) Before run this system, you must add pure water to 70% height to void lack water.
5) The cell will damage because of lack water, so you must check water level every 4 hours. and add pure water to water tank ,keep 70% height.
6) Before open the water cap of the water tank, you must off the main power switch.
7) If you plan not to drive this car for 7 days, please disconnect the black wire that connects the control system to battery to avoid low-battery.