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How to add KOH liquid for Oxy-hydrogen generator
  Does oxy-hydrogen generator consume only pure water? yes.only pure water plus KOH powder which becoming KOH liquid(Potassium Hydroxide).Then many users ask how to add KOH liquid and how long time to add it for change.Here we will tell you all about the regular use of okay energy oxyhydrogen generator and carbon cleaning system.

Here e.g CCS800
prepare working :KOH (concentration≥90%): 2kg (It could be bought from the local chemical market.)
Purified water: 6kg (6 liters)
1 piece of stainless steel container (10kg volume),
1 piece of electronic balance (10kgs), 1 piece of stainless steel spoon,
1 piece of stainless steel stick, 1 piece of stainless steel funnel,
1 piece of concentration hydrometer, 1 bottle of table vinegar, (it’s an antalkali for keeping safe)
1 pair of rubber gloves, 1 pair of protective goggles.

Proportion of KOH and water:


KOH(Purity ≥90%)

Pure Water

Total Liquid





The rate of KOH and pure water is 1:3.





Tips:we suggest you should change electrolyte liquid for maintaining the cell every 3~6 months.In daily using, just add purified water from the water-adding hole when system alarm, until it stops alarm and screen display 3 lights of “Cell” indicator will be red.