Introduction 6 differences of Okay new OH3000 oxyhydrogen -hho machine update
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Introduction 6 differences of Okay new OH3000 oxyhydrogen
To meet market special demand in some industries, Okay Energy technology department update the hho technology and design new oxyhydrogen generators.Today let us introduce you the new difference of Okay Energy OH3000 hho machine.
There are about 6 new differences in the OH3000 machine including disassembled electrolytic cell,structural design of water tank,adjustment the position of gas output,external electronic flame arrester device,wet type of back-fire flame device,temperature control.

1. Disassembled parts like Electrolytic Cell
Compared with other brand,Okay Energy design disassembled machine structure for machine maintenance.

2.Structural Design Of Vice Water Tank
It is convinient for daily water adding for vice water tank. No need to unscrew the cover of vice water tank with wrench.There is cover like door for adding water above the machine, and the cover connecting to the water tank.

3.Adjustment the Position of Gas Output
The gas output pipe is changed from the machine's front to back.

4.External Electronic Flame Arrestor Device
For some special welding work like copper aluminum materials welding,it is more safety with the device.It will be easy replacement with external design.

5.Wet Type Of Back-fire Flame Device
Okay Energy have two grade wet type of back-fire flame device to achive automatically water draining once machine system loading showing that water more than the second water line.

6.Temperature Control For Cooling System
The air cooling system will work when the machine's working temperature over 40 degree with the temperature control system.Otherwise,it does not work below 40 degree.