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Okay Energy 14th Anniversary Celebration
We had a celebration activity of “bake complete sheep” on October 23, 2020. It is a day of celebration for the 14th birthday.

General Manager Mrs He sincerely thanks to all the staff hard working. In spite of a sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the economic situation at home and abroad is in a downturn. In the fierce market competition, all the employees of the company have worked hard to move ahead. The obvious achievements have been made in the aspect of product manufacturing, product upgrading and innovation.

In the aspect of product research and development,we develop some new products and technology like industrial ozone generator,PLC control panel system upgrading,anti-tempering device etc this year.

In the next few years, the general manager put forward higher requirements for all employees of the company. Firstly,it is about company continuous development. We need to continuously develop hydrogen energy products, expand product application and market demand, which can add new increasing and energy for the our long-term development. Secondly,we should pay attention to the company’s training of management personnel, and constantly improve the training system. The each working process of R &D, production and upgrading of products requires the efficient cooperation and communication between our product managers, engineers, product production and quality control directors, sales and marketing managers , so as to provide customers high-value product and satisfactory services.

okay energy 14th family activity

Lastly,regular family activities should be held to enhance the team and departments cooperation. In Okay Energy, most of our employees have worked here for 3-8 years. We have witnessed the formation of families, living new houses and having babies, let’s work and live happily like a big family.