Okay Energy has obtained a patent for glass tubes rotating sealing device
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Okay Energy has obtained a patent for glass tubes rotating sealing device
Hunan Okay Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the development of water fuel oxyhydrogen machine technology. It has an independent hydrogen and oxygen energy research center. In the field of hydrogen and oxygen energy, we have obtained more than 20 patent certificates of hydrogen and oxygen machines and their supporting equipment issued by the China National Intellectual Property Administration. Okay Energy has once again obtained a patent for a glass tube rotary sealing device.

Okay Energy Rotating Vacuum Glass Sealing Machine:
When the quartz tube rotates automatically, it is vacuumed and dynamically sealed. When it rotates automatically, it receives even heat and has high sealing efficiency. It is easy to learn and use, safe and reliable;
Suitable for vacuum sealing of quartz tubes with different diameters and lengths, and can be tilted to meet different experimental needs;
Reserved inert gas filling interface, which can be controlled separately;
The rotation speed of the quartz tube is digitally adjustable, suitable for the fusion sealing method of the quartz tube wall and the built-in quartz column or the drawing sealing method;
Easy to operate, compact in structure, precise in design, compact in size, cost-effective, and capable of achieving optimal vacuum degree;
Built in powder backflow prevention device to prevent the powder material inside the quartz tube from being pumped out by the vacuum pump, protecting the vacuum pump;
We can provide various specifications of quartz tube connectors and use sealing machines by changing the size of the connectors to match the quartz tubes;
Equipped with a vacuum isolation valve for use with a glove box to achieve vacuum transfer sealing.
The joint connected to the vacuum pump is flexible and versatile, achieving seamless connection.

Both single station and multi station sealing machines can be produced