Oxyhydrogen Flame Quartz Vacuum Sealing Solutions for Labs
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Oxyhydrogen Flame Quartz Vacuum Sealing Solutions for Labs

oxyhydrogen flame quartz vacuum sealing system introduction

The whole set includes oxyhydrogen generator, oxyhydrogen anti-backfire device, quartz tube sealing device, vacuum pump(Mechanical pump or molecular pump set), and quartz tube clamps, etc.
oxyhydrogen flame rotary quartz tube vacuum sealing system

1000L/H Output Oxyhydrogen generator:
Oxyhydrogen generator uses water as raw material, water molecule (HHO), through electrolysis, decomposes water into oxygen and hydrogen, hydrogen is combustible, oxygen assists combustion, and this two gas ignite to form a oxy-hydrogen flame, which is generally speaking “Water to fire” is a clean and recyclable energy source that can replace acetylene, propane, liquefied gas and other gas.

Vacuum Pump:
You can choose mechanical pump or molecular pump set to vacuum the quartz tube according to the vacuum degree requirements.

rotary quartz tube vacuum sealing system:
Quartz tube vacuum sealing device is used for vacuum sealing samples under oxygen-free and water-free conditions by dynamic sealing technology. Quartz tube is vacuumed during auto rotating and inert gas filling at the same time, which is easy to operate, with high vacuum and high sealing efficiency.

Advantages of Oxyhydrogen Flame Sealing Solutions for Lab:
1. 14 models,Min. gas output100L/H, Max. gas output 20000L/H
2. Gas production is adjustable, with water lack alarm, over-pressure and over-temperature protection, and without gas storage features
3. Model selection according to quartz tube diamter and wall thickness
4. A variety of flame torches and nozzles are available, showing different flame states.
5. Large PLC touch screen control system, simple operation
6. Electronic Flame Arrestor, Pressure Regulator, Electronic Igniter, and Smart Flame Regulator are optionalto meet different flame requirements
7. Under oxygen-free and water-free conditions by dynamic sealing technology.

How to use the whole quartz vacuum sealing system to seal the quartz tube?

Operating Tutorial:
  • Step1: Configure add electrolyte
Add the electrolytic powder and water to the container, and stir slightly. After 10 minutes, inject the dissolved electrolyte into electrolytic cell through a funnel. The pressure gauge will show the pressure rise after the oxyhydrogen generator starts up. Rotate the gas production regulating valve to adjust the gas production, reduce left-rotation, increase right-rotation, then unscrew the flame gun regulating valve to produce gas for ignition test.

1.1000L/H oxyhydrogen generator: 5kg electrolytic powder and 15kg water.
2.The electrolyte is potassium hydroxide, which is corrosive. If touched your skin, rinsing immediately and repeatedly with water.
3.Recommended to use acid and alkali resistant plastic, ceramic and glass containers.
4.The filter is distilled water or alcohol, which can regulate flame, reduce temperature and prevent backfiring.
  • Step2: Connect flame gun to the power test
  • Step3: Connect the vacuum machine to the rotary device. Then, turn on the oxyhydrogen generator and ignite.
  • Step4: Burn 3-4 pits on the wall of the quartz tube. Then Add the material. Place two sealing traps on the outer wall of the quartz glass tube. Install the nut from the bottom of the glass tube, fix the quartz glass tube on the rotary device through the nut, turn on the rotary switch, and adjust the rotation speed through the knob. When the rotation speed is adjusted to the appropriate speed, turn on the vacuum switch.
  • Step5: Reaching to vacuum degree, sealing the plug with quartz tube wall. Finish the sealing.