Okay Energy 4.20 Motor Branch Oxyhydrogen Enameled Wire Welding Machine
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Okay Energy 4.20 Motor Branch Oxyhydrogen Enameled Wire Welding Machine
 The 2023 member meeting of the Small and Medium-sized Motor Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association was successfully held in Suzhou, Jiangsu!

The 2023 general meeting of the small and medium-sized motor branch of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association was held in Wujiang, Suzhou from April 20th to 21st. More than 270 representatives from 170 units participated in the meeting. Liu Changsheng, executive vice president of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, and Zheng Shiquan, director of China Quality Certification Center, attended the meeting to guide the work.

The theme of this conference is: "Strengthen confidence, innovate and develop, gather strength and seek common development". The meeting was presided over by Jin Weiwei, secretary-general of the small and medium-sized motor branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association.

Wu Yehua, chairman of the small and medium-sized motor branch, made a report on the work of the third council of the ninth session to the conference, analyzed the economic operation situation of industry enterprises in 2022, reviewed the main work of the branch in 2022, and proposed the working ideas and key tasks of the branch in 2023.

The meeting held that: the whole industry should have the courage to face the adverse effects of the complex environment on the development of industry enterprises, strengthen confidence, face challenges, be down-to-earth, seize opportunities, comprehensively promote digital transformation, and effectively strengthen the research and development of basic key technologies, processes, equipment, etc. Promote and apply, build a solid innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain, and talent chain, further consolidate the foundation for the development of the motor industry, and contribute to the power of the motor industry in the journey of comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese-style modernization.

The organizers of the conference would like to thank Suzhou Jufeng, Jiamusi Electric, Ningbo Hongda, Shanghai Jianping, Jiangsu Benge, Changzhou Jinkang, Hunan Walker, Jiangyin Zhijun, Shandong Xingjie, Luan Baolong, Suzhou Rouke, Insolite, etc. Enterprises strongly support this meeting.

Okay Energy Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the meeting with the new oxyhydrogen flame enameled wire welding equipment, and looks forward to creating a better future with you.

Oxyhydrogen flame welding equipment introduction

Hydrogen-oxygen flame enameled wire welding machine: water is used as the working medium, and water can be electrolyzed to generate hydrogen and oxygen under certain conditions. Hydrogen is used as fuel, oxygen is used for combustion, and ignited to generate hydrogen-oxygen flame. Using the high temperature and high energy of hydrogen-oxygen flame , The characteristics of concentrated firepower, instantly butt weld the parts of the motor that need to be welded into balls. The solder joints are strong and beautiful, no false welding, no black smoke, no waste gas.

In the production process of the motor, welding is one of the most important processes in the motor manufacturing, and the enameled wire and the lead wire are welded. The direct impact of welding quality is the performance, safety and service life of the motor.

Advantages of oxyhydrogen flame welding equipment

Okay energy enameled wire welding equipment is used in the application of safe gas supply for motor welding. It is ignited by a special flame gun to form a hydrogen-oxygen flame, and the enameled wire is quickly and automatically stripped and welded. Hydrogen-oxygen flame welding has the advantages of smooth and full solder joints, fast welding speed, replacing high-risk gas cylinders, safety and efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, etc.

Compared with gas cylinders, Okay Energy's new oxyhydrogen flame enameled wire welding machine has the following advantages:

● The temperature of the oxyhydrogen flame is as high as 2800 degrees, which is one of the highest temperature flames at present;

● The calorific value of hydrogen is 34,000 kcal, about three times that of liquefied petroleum gas;

● The oxyhydrogen flame is concentrated, does not diverge, and the heat radiation is small;

● Hydrogen-oxygen combustion only produces water, no waste gas, which is an environmentally friendly equipment;

● The raw material for hydrogen-oxygen gas production is water, which consumes a small amount of electricity and can be produced on demand. It does not store gas, and there are no problems such as high-pressure explosion and leakage poisoning;

● Gas is produced when the machine is turned on, and gas is stopped when the machine is turned off.

● No paint removal process, direct welding without paint removal, high welding efficiency;

● The welding flame is fine and will not generate heat radiation to adjacent enameled wires;

● The solder joints are smooth and full.

● It can realize welding of multi-strand enameled wire without peeling, and welding of multi-strand enameled wire and motor lead wire.

● Hydroxygen flame enameled wire welding machine can weld any enameled wire specifications.
We focus on the development of the industry, based on the actual application of products; according to the characteristics of different industries, we will continue to update and improve the technology of hydrogen and oxygen energy generators, to a greater extent meet the product and technical requirements of different industries and different customers , to promote the development of the new energy industry!

Finally, Okay Energy warmly congratulates the 2023 general meeting of the small and medium-sized motor branch for completing various agendas with the joint efforts of all member representatives, and successfully concluded. We look forward to the next meeting!