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Do You Know Engine Carbon Cleaning Methods
Question 1 How many methods to clean engine carbon deposits in market? how to clean your car engine?

Answer: Currently the engine carbon clean methods mainly include fuel additives, chemical additive drip method, chemical additive foam method, oxy hydrogen gas engine carbon cleaning( oxyhydrogen engine carbon cleaning system).

Question 2 How about the carbon cleaning effect? Any disadvantages?

Answer: Although the chemical additive drip method and chemical additive foam method are a carbon cleaning method without removing engine for combustion chamber. The engine run at idle while chemical additive drips into engine. These two methods have advantages of convenient, cheap cost. But there are some disadvantages.:1)The carbon deposits fall in the piston ring. 2)You should change engine oil and engine oil filter at the same time. 3)The carbon cleaning process will take you 30-40mins.Compared with the traditional carbon cleaning methods, oxyhydrogen carbon cleaning machine takes only 15-20mins ,no pollution, easy operation without changing engine oil and engine oil filter. oxyhydrogen carbon cleaning machine have some effects of carbon emission reduction by 72%,engine noise reduction,horsepower increasing and black smoke disappear after cleaning process.

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