Energy Saving Devices Oxy Hydrogen Boiler For Heating
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Energy Saving Devices Oxy Hydrogen Boiler For Heating
Fossil fuels are increasingly scarce and expensive, and an increasing awareness of global warming, air pollution.singly scarce and expensive, and an increasing awareness of global warming, air pollution.As the traditional fossil fuel insufficient combustion,it releases hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide emissions which are harm to the human and the environment.Hydrogen gas (H2) burns with intense heat. In air, hydrogen burns with a flame temperature of 2045° C. In contrast, methane (natural gas) burns at only 1325° C. Hydrogen can therefore be used to produce steam at a higher temperature than is achievable with fossil fuel fired boilers.How do we achieve the best energy saving effect on boilers for heating?Our energy saving devices oxy hydrogen generator mix combustion chamber can achieve it for you.This alternative hydrogen technologies are widely applied for home heating,power lighting or other electrical appliances which featured low carbon emissons,energy saving,easy and safety operation etc.

What is energy saving HHO hydrogen boilers for heating?
HHO Hydrogen Generator for boilers consumes water and electricity, electrolyze water into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas, we can use H2 and O2 as source of flame replacing LPG, Propane, Acetylene fuel or natural gas or other oil. Unlike gas and oil, when hydrogen burns it releases no CO2 emissions, merely water vapour.

How does HHO hydrogen generator work on steam boilers?
I.g Connecting the HHO hydrogen generator’s gasout pipe tube to the air and fuel inlet of steam boiler.The mixed oxygen and hydrogen gases feed into combustion chamber for sufficient burning once machine power on.

Advantages of alternative HHO hydrogen technology for home heating:
1. Catalysis characteristic
Hydrogen is an active catalyst which can be mixed with air to feed in to catalyze and combust all solid, liquid, gas fuel.It also can speed up the reaction
process, promote combustion completely.

2. Energy saving & Low cost
HHO gas is generated only using electricity and pure water. The cost of electricity and water can be reduced more than 40% compared with LPG, Propane, and Acetylene fuel.
Both economical and practical.Energy Saving more than 30% compared with traditional LPG, Propane, and Acetylene fuel.

3. Safety & Easy Operation
Steady, reliable fuel delivery.Fuel is available immediately after machine is switched on.No need of gas cylinder, which can rupture or explode.
Multiple safety devices, including overheating and in-sufficient water cut-off switches, will automatically turn off power to ensure the safety of both equipment and user.

4. No pollution & eco-friendly
The mixed oxygen and hydrogen gas burns completely without creating pollutants, toxic fumes, or public nuisance.
No harmful hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, or carbon dioxide.

5.Low Heat Loss
Use of oxyhydrogen fuel provide a more focused heat source with less heat loss, maintaining a more comfortable, safer, lower fatigue working environment.