How to eliminate or control diesel exhaust
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How To Eliminate Or Control Diesel Exhaust?
Diesel engine powered trucks, buses, ships and other heavy equipment are all major sources of diesel exhaust. Other sources can include generators such as gas and oil production facilities and electrical utilities.

What is diesel exhaust?
Diesel exhaust is a complex mixture of hundreds of different compounds found as particulates or gases. The specific chemical composition and particulate sizes of diesel exhaust differs depending on quality of fuel, engine type, fuel pump setting, workload demand, engine temperature and maintenance and emission control system.Diesel exhaust is a significant threat to workers and public health.Governments have established the limits for many of the gaseous compounds in diesel exhaust including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, benzene, and PAHs.

How can diesel exhaust be eliminated or controlled?
Emissions for most diesel engine generators include those in heavy-duty trucks, buses, marine vessels along with “off-road” engines.How can be eliminated or controlled?
1.diesel engine technology continues to improve for burning fuels more efficiently as well as emission control systems.
2.the use of ultra-low-sulphur diesel (ULSD) in on-road vehicles and off-road engines which can lead to less emission, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.
3.HHO hydrogen engine carbon cleaning improves the combustion process of the existing fuel making it burn more efficiently.Therefore it achieve fuel saving and the amount of pollutants exhaust emissions in the air.