Okay HHO engine carbon cleaning for auto maintenance - safety and eco-friendly treatment
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Is HHO engine carbon cleaning safety and eco-friendly for auto maintenance?
Okay HHO engine carbon cleaning machine is very safety and eco-friendly clean treatment for auto maintenance.Oxy-hydrogen gas(HHO gas) enter into combustion chamber to burn off buildup and only water vapor out of exhaust system.

Among these engine carbon cleaning treatment on the market ,product and machine safety is always one of the most important to choose it.

We have already developed best safety and effective way to engine buildup removal.[B]it is hho engine carbon cleaning also named oxyhydrogen(brown gas) engine carbon cleaning.[/B](HHO/oxyhydrogen/brown gas----- Here want to mention HHO also called oxyhydrogen or browns gas to express our respect of HHO/brown gas inventors Yull Brown,Tr Knudtson etc.)

Oxygen and hydrogen mixed gases(by water electrolysis) feed into engine from air intake.As the catalytic combustion characteristics of H2 and its infiltration capacity,it can burn off and eliminate carbon build up in engine.

Why hho gas tech engine carbon cleaning is most safety and eco-friendly clean treatment in car workshop?

1.Water as fuel to generate oxygen and hydrogen gases which no chemical,non-toxic,no damage to the engine components.
2.The discharge is no pollution gaseous water out of exhaust system.
3.Oxyhydrogen(HHO) engine carbon cleaning is very safe.Because there is only mixed oxyhydrogen gas combustion in the engine,and only water vapor after hho combustion.That is to say,no risk of cleaning liquid,carbon cleaner into engine.

Here we remind you distinguish so-called a kind of HHO machine using "HHO" carbon cleaner to clean engine on the market.

Maybe you can see a big same carbon cleaning effect on "HHO" carbon cleaner.But there is a great possibility that cleaning liquid into engine.

HHO carbon cleaner in some company is cleaning liquid with a big risk of engine explosion or engine damage.Actually,Okay Energy HHO engine carbon cleaning is not a kind of chemical treatment but only HHO gas for engine.